mardi, juin 28, 2005

I am a friend of Eyeskream now!

No, I didn't mispell "Icecream" and besides, I allways liked icecream...

What I am talking about is the Webcomc-Bgroup EYESKREAM I applied for membership not so long time ago. Now, they are only taking a new member 4 times at a year. Since I made seccond place at the last vote, I now became "a friend" of Eyeskream" what is sort of a membership-light.

They are a nice community, with a nice Forum. A bunch of really good creators with unique Comics. Maniac wolfman who did the guest-art is a member of Eyeskream, too.

Feel free to check them out!

vendredi, juin 24, 2005

Guest Art by maniac Wolfman of Hellbound

Guess what? I've git my first guest art!
To be true, it's not really the first, since Chris Ashby of Operation Elusive Concept managed to do some real fine art for my other series "DOUDOU". She even painted a white T-Shirt with Doudou and his Horse-Germans for me! Still have this expetional piece!

Well, but this one is the first art I got for Antique White House. Check it out :


Maniac wolfman is the Author of HELLBOUND:
a real cool series about a guy who has to deal with Mel, a strong headed She-Demon. A part from being very entertaining, the story is full of intelligent wit with dialogues that are very entertaining to read. The Art is convincing with very good facial expressions.
I do highly recommend this comic!!

lundi, juin 20, 2005

New design for the Links-Site

Well, I took the time and reorganized my link site. I added a couple of cool comics. Also I added to each Link a 80x80 pixel profile-image. Sometimes this image is taken from the TWCL-Profile, sometimes I did it myself by printsceening from the comic. Go and see how I made yours ;)

By the way: I did not yet add all the links that I have in mind. So if you are a pal of mine and not on the list yet, don't be disappointed, it will come. But I won't mind a reminding-comment of course!

vendredi, juin 17, 2005

New update shedule

As you may have noticed Antique White House does currenty update trice a week now. I made this in order to publish the story in a faster pace. After all, it is a bit different from single-panel cartoons. It is a long story to follow and I think to long breaks can take out the thrill.

lundi, juin 13, 2005

New Look, new update!

As you probaly noticed, the blog has a new look. Again, it was Mauser Girl who gave precious help with the rather difficult script of the Blog. I will ad some pics and try to smoothen edges, of course.

Also, I decided to fasten the pace of the comic. There will be now 3 updates a week!

jeudi, juin 09, 2005

Did I blew it?

The TWCL-Forum is usually a place where I like to hang around. Folks there are nice and we do a lot of crazy things together, such as jams.

TWCL also has sort of an "official interviewer"A a guy who picks out comic authors whos work he like (all while ignoring the others) and interviews them. So far, so good.

Yesterday (Or the day before yesterday) This guy posted a rather strange idea. I read it over and over again and had no clue what this guy was asking for. But no matter what exactly he wanted, it was about the TWCL-Folks to send him whatever by e-mail and he looked if it was "good enough" to be "answered" or whatever in the Forum.

Well, I cannot really explain why, but it offended me. Really hard.
I mean, I have the throat full of that competive shit. We are all under pressure, in Real life and in art also. I liked hat forum for being a place free of any competition-pressure. With no one above the others, just a bunch of buddies. So I answered this way. I was very rude.

After that, I felt somehow bad. I may had misinterpreted what he wrote. The following answers of the other folks tough supported me. They also mostly didn't understand what he wanted exactly. They just didn't like that he wanted make that his show.

Well, after some rather ironic postings of us, he came back and told us we are all bastards and shall fuck of. That was it.

I still feel a bit bad. Maybe I shouldn't have been that aggressive in my first reply. Maybe I should have just asked him what exactly he wanted.

The problem is: I've seen enough of that guys in the Forums. Reviewers, Interviewers and editors, who obviously liked the feeling that artists craved to get their attention.
People with no own talent who esthablished themselves as "important persons" without deserving it. And starting one competition after another. "Folks, draw that and that and I will interview the best ones". and so on. Plenty of hard-feelings are created. The "loosers" against the "winners".
Call me a bitch but I find this disgusting. And I was afraid that this would also take place at TWCL. So I reacted that way.

Sometime I can't help...

mercredi, juin 01, 2005

Progessive Jam

At the Forum of the Webcomicslist we are doing a new Jam. Each artist or team draws a panel from a script provided to him, her or them, then that artist or team provides a script to the next one. This continues until the comic is done.It is pretty funny. I did the seccond pannel. Have a look! And if you are doing art yourself, feel free to join. You'll have to register to