jeudi, juin 09, 2005

Did I blew it?

The TWCL-Forum is usually a place where I like to hang around. Folks there are nice and we do a lot of crazy things together, such as jams.

TWCL also has sort of an "official interviewer"A a guy who picks out comic authors whos work he like (all while ignoring the others) and interviews them. So far, so good.

Yesterday (Or the day before yesterday) This guy posted a rather strange idea. I read it over and over again and had no clue what this guy was asking for. But no matter what exactly he wanted, it was about the TWCL-Folks to send him whatever by e-mail and he looked if it was "good enough" to be "answered" or whatever in the Forum.

Well, I cannot really explain why, but it offended me. Really hard.
I mean, I have the throat full of that competive shit. We are all under pressure, in Real life and in art also. I liked hat forum for being a place free of any competition-pressure. With no one above the others, just a bunch of buddies. So I answered this way. I was very rude.

After that, I felt somehow bad. I may had misinterpreted what he wrote. The following answers of the other folks tough supported me. They also mostly didn't understand what he wanted exactly. They just didn't like that he wanted make that his show.

Well, after some rather ironic postings of us, he came back and told us we are all bastards and shall fuck of. That was it.

I still feel a bit bad. Maybe I shouldn't have been that aggressive in my first reply. Maybe I should have just asked him what exactly he wanted.

The problem is: I've seen enough of that guys in the Forums. Reviewers, Interviewers and editors, who obviously liked the feeling that artists craved to get their attention.
People with no own talent who esthablished themselves as "important persons" without deserving it. And starting one competition after another. "Folks, draw that and that and I will interview the best ones". and so on. Plenty of hard-feelings are created. The "loosers" against the "winners".
Call me a bitch but I find this disgusting. And I was afraid that this would also take place at TWCL. So I reacted that way.

Sometime I can't help...

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mauser*girl a dit…

I think whoever posted the original message on that forum needs to brush up on their English so it's clear what they're talking about. I guess he wanted to do a Question and Answer thing where he gets to pick which questions to answer. Silly idea. And it really has no place in a forum. So who cares if you were rude to him, it was a dumb idea he posted.