jeudi, juillet 28, 2005

Ebay, always Ebay - the Ebay nightmare continues!

Well, it seems that some Ebay-Experiences are quite symptomatic. Mauser*Girl and Stephan talked about the Censorship-Gestapo at Ebay in their last comments, an experience that I painfully share.

I had once an old cigarett-album to sell. A sticker Album from 1935 about the Wehrmacht. Ebay-Germany dropped it, Ebay Switzerland and Ebay USA as well. No Nazi-Stuff they said and no Antisemitism. Well, a part from one single notice in the book where it says that Jews can't enlist to the Wehrmacht, it has not a single anti-Jewish note. It was just historical pictures of soldiers, guns, vehicles and horses.
It's history. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody can juge if someone who buys it does it because of historical interest or because he's a hateful Nazi.
I guess that this sticker-Album was too harmless for a real Nazi anyway.
I finally slipped trough the Censorship by naming the thing "Historic album about ancient German army". But that fuzz annoys me.

Another auction of mine was cancelled: There I sold an original drawing depicting JFK when...well, not wearing very much. Only a smile, to be true. No nudity they said. But why the hell do I find plenty of disgusting female nudity on Ebay? And I MEAN disgusting as for the poses and the meaning. I don't have anything against tasteful nudity be it female or male.
To hell with bigottry!

In her newest post Mauser*Girl speeks of the experiences of the photograph-collector.
Nothing new, too. I do collect JFK-photos. First because that's the way I learn to draw him and seccondly because I find them beautiful.

Sometimes there is a bargain to make. Some people sell original Press-photos or even private Photos for very little.
Like this one:
There are other Photos of JFK on that horse, one is on a trading card, but this shot is probably unique.

But what annoys me is when they sell photos with the label "rare" - altough that they are well known and mass produced official White House Portraits. Like those:

or this:

Excuse me - but those photos aren't "rare". They are on every seccond book cover. First was taken by Fabian Bachrach as official President Photo and the seccond was taken during camapign by Jacques Lowe, the personal "court photographer" of JFK and is known as the "Alabama-Profile".
These are beautiful portraits, but they are also most probably the first you get when you start a Kennedy collection.

Selling 60ties Soldier Photos as from WW2 is a serious issue in the other hand. One could almost think of a voloutary deception, if it wasn't so stupid. I guess that the person who sold that just tought that all black and white soldier photos are from WW2.
I don't think that the average people can make the difference between a BDM Girl and any woman in a teutonic uniform. Never expect your seller to have the historical knowledge!

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JgStephan a dit…

Many Ebay articles are not nudity you can describe it as pornography!
I haven't seen your Kennedy drawing but I think this has been art. That sucks!

I have the same opinion as you,
only very few people know the difference between BDM and the RAD for example.

But the most sellers are professional dealers and in any case these know the difference. These are tactics of these people to maximize the profit. I have often noticed it in the following correspondence with such people.