lundi, juillet 11, 2005

English Version at LULU

Whew! It's done! From today on, it is possible to get the Saturnalia-Story as printed Book at Lulu

I tried to keep the retail price as low as possible. Unfortunally the set-up price is somewhat high. But keep in mind that it is a 44 page full colour book, with softcover paperback binding.

For the back cover, I collected some blurbs. I used the one comment F2x gave me at the TWCL-Profile and quoted the phrase Warren Ellisused too describe AWH.

I also asked Donna Barr to give me a blurb. Totally unexpected, she described AWH as being a satire about Americans, what actually, is not the case. After discussing that, it came out that it was the scene where JFK yelled at the kaiser which gave her that impression. I was a bit confused about her conclusions. More about that in theForum. I would gladly read your toughts on that subject. (In the Forum)

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mauser*girl a dit…

^^ I finally get to be the first to do something - and that was, to review Saturnalia for you at LuLu!

mauser*girl a dit…

As for Donna's comment... I'm not a member of that forum so I'll comment here. Basically I think that Donna is so obsessed with GWB and the current war in Iraq that she's reading too much into it. Don't take it too much to heart. Donna has a right to her opinion but I think she's just putting too much of her own context into your story.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Mauser*Girl, Thank you so much for the review at Lulu! When I saw it, I could hardly believe and was so happy!

Yeah, you are right about Donna. I am still discussing that with her in e-mails and we are not arguening. I just was surprised that she picked out a scene of that book that was not really not important and made it the central message.
I also do think that her obession of GWB has come to apont when it narrowed her sight.

mauser*girl a dit…

I adore Donna's work, but her opinions are sometimes too much for me, especially the way in which she puts them across. She tends to come across as very rude and know-it all in emails as well as (and especially) in her blog.

It's one of the reason I still read her work but avoid her website.