lundi, août 15, 2005

Foreign cultures in Comics

Okay, I should probably make clear some details, after the last comments.

Please don't get me wrong. I have absoletly nothing against the portraying of foreign cultures in a comic! The opposite is true: I find it even pretty boring to limit a comic to the own country. And Darc of CODE NAME: HUNTERis the best example for a true excellent use of a forein theater: (I actually even tought she WAS british!) She (and Gyr who writes the story) have the talent to produce the illusion of reality and truth, even if it's a furry comic. I call this an upper class talent.
It is obvious that Darc and Gyr made research (just look at the gorgeous panel when London is attacked by bombers). It works perfectly.

And after all, I am myself "guilty": As an European I should otherwise limit myself to European themes and not write about American Presidents. ;)

No, what I talked about is the use of foreign words / places just because its fancy, with no apparent deeper reason. And Mauser*Girl: Yes, they do it with German, too: This thread gave me the input to do write the blog entry. I mean. Where is the reason to invent a German title that's not even accurate? "Sternstaub Gedächntnisse". Honestly - who of you Yanks can spell out THAT? (And it should say SternENstaub...)
There are two other comics: Schwarz Kreuz and Der grosse Diktatorverstand in mir. Who the hell is gonna understand that?
Again: Im am not against such exotics per se. But please be sure your reader understands you and do it right. Know what you are telling!

By the way: I would not dare to do a REAL American comic right now.
I never was in the states and I don't know enough to put myself in a story-teller place about America. The Kennedy-tales are not really American. It is a fiction in the tradition of European fables that tell about "a far away kingdom". JFK is not primary the "Ameerican President" but the offspring of Irish immigrants that became the ruler over his fellow European immigrants. Jackie is from French desendence, Mondlicht is German, Theo is half Russian, half Norvegian, Norma from some other obscure European descendence and Mary is Irish. Wenkawitha is the only true American, even if its latin-America.

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Darc a dit…

Aww, thanks! *blush* I often worry about making a mistake - I'd read one story on the net a few years back that really over-stereotyped British characters which left me very annoyed and uncomfortable. Which is kind of odd considering I'm not British. Must have been in another life or something. *scratches head*

*looks at the German titles* Even if we could most of us wouldn't be able to pronounce it properly. I wonder if a lot of people are in love with those online translation sites. A friend of mine has a character who's from Italy and every now and then she likes to throw random Italian phrases into her stories. I plopped one of her phrases into the Goggle translator one time and got "Your mother is pants." I was very confused after that.

I got to agree, I wouldn't be willing to do a comic set in the real US at the moment. I'm not interested in meeting any Homeland security agents anytime soon. :D