jeudi, août 25, 2005

A member of Eyeskream!

It's official: From today on, I am a member of the comic artist group EYESKREAM
They are real great folks and a bunch of talented artists. So I feel very comfortable to be a member. If you run a webcomic, you are invited to submit for membership, too. But keep in mind that they only accept 4 new members per year, with some expetions (i. e when a member leaves.)
But be sure to check out the great comics there!

7 commentaires:

JgStephan a dit…

If only four new members per annum are taken, it was certain a great delight for you.
For which reason are only few new members taken?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you, Stephan,

Well, I was one of the "exceptions". The regular new member for autumn will be announced soon.

The reason is, that they don't want to grow too fast. An overcrowded group would not really be a group anymore, but a webcomic-directory (which usually, has more than thousand comics listed.)

Casual Notice a dit…

Gratz, Diana! Does that mean you have to migrate your forum to theirs or are you going to stick with the TAC forum?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

No, casual. I'll keep both forums. Announcements will be made in both also :)

Kyle Miller a dit…

I was just looking over the motley little group you've joined. Should be fun. Your work certainly stands out!

mauser*girl a dit…

That's awesome, congratulations!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you a lot for your congrats, friends!