jeudi, août 04, 2005

New Friends

Mauser*Girl did a great job in proofreading "Saturnalia" - I get so much praise for the Dialogues and texts of that comic.
But since I don't want to abuse her kindness I looked for other victims who will be willing to correct the textes of the next grand adventure of Kennedy "Empire of darkness".
Now that Mauser*Girl is in sorrow for Truemans health I pat myself on the shoulder for my choice - at least that way she is free from that "duty".

So for "Empire of Darkness" I have the help of Kyle Miller. Working with him is a delight. Kyle is a very talented Comic artist, too! Check out his comic Working Daze. He is also a game-designer and has a blog about his work. A real cool blog - also because you can access to his comic from there: Gamecreature

His last post is about why there are so much less girls that are into games than boys. Go have a look and leave your tougthts!

So I added Kyle in my friends list - as well, as you, Stephan, since you became also a not to be missed part of my blogger-life.

Mauser*Girl once told me that she thougt about building a little blogger-community and I think we are on the best way doing so.

5 commentaires:

Kyle Miller a dit…

Thank you so much for the kind introduction, Diana. I think most folks will agree that our two styles are about as diverse as possible, but it has indeed been a delight to work with you and I hope to be able to provide what assistance I can as long as I am able.

mauser*girl a dit…

:( I would've liked to hear that you're changing proof readers via email, not find about it on your blog. I was sort of looking forward to the next one...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Mauser*Girl...I really wasn't aware that you would take it to heart. I kind of stuck with the tought that you agreed to do Saturnalia and that I'd have to lokk further for other stories...heck, I email you right now!

JgStephan a dit…

Thank you Diana!
Unfortunately I cannot interlink any names but Mauser*Girl has offered me her help. :)
See you later!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Don't worry for the link. But yes, Mauser*Girl is a crack when it comes to webdesign!