mercredi, septembre 14, 2005


I would have like to forget that it is my birtday today. Honestly, Birthdays are fun when you are under 20.
But since 00:00 AM I receive tons of automated happy-birtday e-mails generated by every obscure Forum I ever registetred. Gasp!
The most useful of that happy-birthday bot was one of the french auction house aucland: They offered me a free listing with special options for today. Well, at least this is an useful present.

6 commentaires:

mauser*girl a dit…

^^ Happy Birthday!!!!

JgStephan a dit…

Happy Birthday Diana and I wish you all the best!!!

Some years ago I have forgot my own birthday, too. It was only noticeable to me, when my friends congratulated to me.

Slim a dit…

Joyeux Anniversaire!

I agree once you're over 20 you can forget birthdays... that is until you get grandchildren.

umm... not yet :)

Anonyme a dit…

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fun one.


Casual Notice a dit…

I (at 41) enjoy my birthdays. Maybe it's just the life I've led, but I see every grey hair and wrinkle as a trophy of an accomplishment of living. Admittedly my birthdays these days are more about private introspection than drunken debauchery (not that I don't wish I still had the stamina for drunken debauchery).

Coydog a dit…

Happy belated birthday! I regret that I haven't been blogging (or responding to blogs) for a while.