dimanche, septembre 18, 2005

The new calendar

Today was under two major assignements! 1: watching the German Elections on TV 2: publishing the Antique White House Calendar 2006 at LULU. 2 involved a lot of work, and 1 was very - odd.

Let's talk about 2.
It took me several months do finish that project, with all the drawing and texts involved. With the help of Mauser*Girl who did the proofread, and the one of Matt and other Eyeskream friends who also proofreaded some texts, it is finally done. I think that the result is pretty well. This calendar is not only very pleasant to look at, it will also give you a deep insight in the culture of AWH - JFK's Kingdom. You can keep track of all major pagan festivals as well as of also the lesser known ones.

Of course: Modern pagans may follow different calendars and so they might not find their observance on the date they are used too. I had to make a choice. It is a subjective choice, also based on what the comic JFK would follow. He is a celtic pagan, but he also follows observances of roman and greek or teutonic origin.

The world of AWH isn't exactly a "pure" ancient world. It is the vision of an almost modern world, where pagan cultures had the time to evolve and mix. I think that this is what would have happen, if paganism survived on a wider level in our world. Especially in Europe, we would have a pan-european mix of the most popular festivals to be the common, major observances, all while keeping the more specific observances regionally.

Three months:

Well - I would be happy if you'd consider to purchase one. Remember - it makes also a great xmas gift. Get it now and laough at people who run trough the malls in desperation on december 24....

There are two versions of the calendar available:

If you like to see JFK in July all nude

If you want to offer the calendar to Granny

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JgStephan a dit…

Major assignment 1:
Very very odd!

Here are my private experiences of the German Elections.
I didn't get any voter registration cardt this year.
You can cast this vote in Germany also without this card.
I went to my responsible polling station and I had to pay three euro to cast my vote without this card! The amount isn't very large but it is an impudence.

Major assignment 2:
Great work and the idea with two different versions is very good!!

The joke is good but my granny would choose the all nude calendar. ;)
Granny said some years ago that Kennedy looks very good and my granny is very modern.

mauser*girl a dit…

The preview pictures look very pretty. ^^ I might get one for my sister who's a Celtic pagan, I'm sure she'd love it!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you Mauser*Girl ! :-)

Stephan, 3 Euro for the opportunity to vore. I don't think that this should be allowed.
Oh, My silly failt,. It isd true that todays's Garnnies are often much more modern than the adepts of the new teen prudes.

Kyle Miller a dit…

Very attractive, Diana. I'm sure it will be a great success (both versions). All nude? Good thing it's not a calendar about cartoonists - you'd be hard pressed to sell even one! (Just kidding!)

JgStephan a dit…

Probably some Germans haven't gotten or lost the voter registration card and they did not have money thereby.
Therefore the strange result of the elections. ;)

That's right, I know two young girls, they are more prude than all old ladies who I know.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

No kidding. If it were a calendar with me at the nude, it would be prohibited for being an unauthorized weapon making people die of heart-failure instantly. I am sure YOU make an exeption, but it is true that cartoonists are rarely good looking folks. That's maybe why we like to draw good looking people, because its the only way we can approach them. I the other hand: look at the fanboys at conventions. They're time time uglyer. This is why I love to go to cons. When it's opver I feel like Claidia Schifffer! ;-)

Oh my...shouldn't have write all this...

Kyle Miller a dit…

I knew you'd know what I was talking about, Diana. I actually had to draw a couple of the characters from Working Daze in their shorts for next week's cartoon and I naturally made them wider in the middle than the shoulders. And of course it reminded me that I still have this bare patch on my mid-section from my surgery where they shaved me - I don't think I was prepared to see all of that white skin! You're right about the cons - I think my wife mentioned that any woman who is looking for a man just needs to show up at one of these and she can take her pick!

JgStephan a dit…

I hope everything is all right at you, I already have heard nothing from you for a long time.