jeudi, septembre 29, 2005

Urban Legends

A new rant for today!

Not a political one - well, perhaps one about political correctness.
I'll try to explain without going too much in lenght: There is a (german) Forum I write in since ages. I had a lot of fights / reconciliations with a lot of people there. There are some I like, others I dislike toroughly and then the ones I try to avoid because I dislike them without I can describe properly why and others like them. One woman is such a case. I really can't bear her. For one she's terribley squeamish, but that still would be okay. But she has this "I am so much wiser and sensitiver than you, because I've gone trough a lot, but despite of my hard fate, I am still fine spirited and nice" attitude. Of course she isn't wise, she isn't even nice, because she likes to stab people in the back, all softly and subtle. But most of the other writers in that Forum like her.

I bet some of you know the phenomenon.

She always told us that she had to endure such a hard life, without telling WHAT exactly happened. Well, yesterday, she did. She told us a story from her teen years. When she was 15:
The neighbours wife and best friend of her mom had two childern, a baby boy and a little girl. Once, the Girl saw the little boy naked and asked her mom what the little brother had there, between his legs. The mother answered that because of this, the boy cryied so often.
One day the mother went out shopping, leaving the childern alone. The boy cryed and the girl saw a pair of scissors on the table. So she tought that she can make him stop crying by removing the thing that makes him cry. When she saw all the blood, she ran out of the house and hide under the car (!) When the mother came home, she saw the bleeding boy, took him to go to the hospital, jumped in the car and rolled the girl flat dead.

Well, so much for the story. Our Forum mate added "This has influenced me so much. I remember it so well".

I agree, that it is a horrible strory. But...I mean, how comes it that she did know so well what exactly happened? The girl spoke to no one in the time between her deed and her death. The mother, when she came home only saw the bleeding boy. Who assumed what happened? This and other odd facts in that story maked me doubt. I mean, I am usually the one who thinks that a lot is possible. But - excuse me , this is pure bullshit!

So I investigated on sites that lists popular Urban legends. And, what a coincidence, I found that story here. Well, it is in other variations, but it IS the same story. Even the version with the girl overrolled by the car is there.

Of course, I posted the link as an answer in the forum. The Forum admin then agreed that the story may be an urban legend but insisted that we should not pretend that she did lie purposely.
Yeah, of course not. Must be a misunderstanding. Just wonder how a 15 year old girl can misunderstand such a story. It was the neighbour, the best friend of HER mom. In my opinion, there is only two possibilities: Either the story is true or false. And it's obviously false.

Well, I was not in the mood for trouble, So I wrote that I am of course not saying that she is lying. It may be a misunderstanding. I hate myself for this act of political correctness.

Hell, of course I do think that it was a lie on purpose. What fucking else? It matches exactly the impression I had of her since the beginning.
Oh my - what a crap!

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JgStephan a dit…

I wouldn't have thought this from you.
I was convinced you say the truth even if it is unpleasant for the person in question.
If it would be a person, who is very kind and would to suffer from the true, I would have understood this.

In a certain way I, however, understand you, sometimes one wouldn't like a quarrel.

My answer was no support for you but my honest opinion. I think this is dearer to you as if I had lied to you now, only you feel better with that or?

You may always tell me the merciless truth. I would never be angry or cheerless because of this, I value this at you.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Stephan, I really wasn't in the mood for a new fight, especially since it would not have been with the gal in question, (I have no problem with hurting HER feelings) but with her friends.

The thing is, that until now, the girl in queston didn't come back at the forum to respond to my posts.

I didn't see much use to argue in her absence. But if she comes back I will of course stand by what I said from the beginning and will continue to ask her uncanny questions. I will of course never accept that load of stinking buillshit she tried to let us swallow.

Of course, I apreciate it that you say what you think, rather than agree with all what I say.

Well, if you want you can go look yourself and judge my behavior, the whole thread is here:

mauser*girl a dit…

I think the story is a bunch of nonsense as well - and strictly medically speaking.

Any injury to a man's groin usually leads to death by bleeding out, and fairly quickly because there are so many blood vessels in that area.

The boy would have been dead by the time the mother got there, even if it had just been two or three minutes (in which case she'd probably have seen the girl run and hide under the car).

The story doesn't add up. And that's without it being an urban legend, just purely from the facts.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Mauser*Girl, that's exactly what I was thinking. There are too many facts that are simply not plausible or obviously false. Also, why would the girl hide under the car? I mean, its stinky and greasy there - not the average place a little girl seeks to hide. Also I don't think that even the dumbest girl would come to the idea of doing a mutilation this esay.

The whole story is such a big...Arrg!

bradi a dit…

Since you are a cartoonist, refer to the Big Book of Urban Legends. They have a great comic of this myth. Of course, the traditional legend is the boy is peeing in his pants and the mother says, "Better quit before I cut it off!" The sister hears this and "helps" out mommy by cutting his wee-wee off.

Stay away from your toxic, passive-aggressive "friend." I always try to be aware of "psychic vampires" who take on the role of the "martyr," they are the most insidious of all. If she bugs you again, simply ignore her, or you might have fun by letting her REALLY be the victim. By being cruel to her you are actually doing her a favor, such masochists live for that kind of thing.

JgStephan a dit…

I have read the story and you have told your honest opinion. I have in your answers read that you think, it isn't the truth. You have written it friendly.
I have the feeling the people in the forum are over-sensitive and don't stand criticism.

I also think this it is a lie, you have listed sufficient arguments against it.

The woman is funny, she says you shall tell children the truth but...

JgStephan a dit…

The friends of the woman should honestly to themselves and accept your point of view.

Casual Notice a dit…

Sadly, that sort of drama queen is common in internet forums, especially those discussing alternate religions or lifestyles. They exist in real life, too, but usually their lies and posturing are quickly exposed by their innate lack of self-control.

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