lundi, octobre 31, 2005

A blessed Samhain

First, I have good news as for my cat Flecki has recovered. After the night when he was worst and could hardly breath, he got better hourly. It was amazing. First he started to sleep well, breathing less and less painful. Then he got up, asked for food and had a pretty apetite. Now He jumps around all day and makes a lot of nonsense, just like before.
The medicament he took is pretty new and it seems to be a very powerful medicine. Because Edemas are nothing to play with. But I am sure that our care also did its share, and of course, the help of Goddess Bastet who I asked so much for strenght.

So now, we can celebrate a peaceful Samhain.

I got a beautiful Samhain-Text from AREN the pagan organisation I am a honorary member of.

I post it here:

At this time of the year when the veil between the planes is the thinnest,
we ask you stop and take time to reach across the veil and thank those who
went before for their wisdom, knowledge and in cases for their sacrifice.
We must remember that since the 1st Century CE those who follow the paths
of the Elder Ways have been looked on with envy and as the years went by in
most cases distrust. This country was founded to escape Religious
Persecution, while one of the first experiments in Civil Government founded
a Theocracy that ended in the persecution and deaths of many innocent
people, the founders of The United States saw the need and wisdom of
including Religious Freedom in the Constitution, we ask you remember them also.

While we do not applaud or endorse the majority of the conflicts The United
States has entered into, we do honor and respect those who, from Concorde
to Baghdad have entered the Armed Services because they felt called to, if
necessary, lay down their lives in defense of The Constitution and The
First Amendment. We also honor those who died on September 11th in New York
City, Washington DC and in a lonely field in Pennsylvania they too were
Martyrs for Religious Freedom.

While this is a day of Celebration of a New Year, we ask you take a minute
of contemplate the more serious side, and we ask for your help and support
as AREN continues to fight for YOUR Religious Freedom. As our Motto says,
Freedom of Religion Means ALL Religions, yours, mine and your neighbors.
Let use truly make this a day of rejoicing and remembrance.


I can't but agree to this. To all a blessed Samhain!

lundi, octobre 24, 2005


I didn't write much here, since a couple of days. I not only have a lot of work, but I am also very taken by the care for my cats, these days. So this entry is more of a whine...Because I really feel bad.
First, my oldest cat Gribi was extremely sick and we tought that we will lose him. We nursed him for over 2 weeks and it looks as if he made it.
But now, our other cat, Flecki, is going very sick. He cannot breath right and gasps for air. We took him to the veterinarian today, and he said it's probably an pulmonary edema. It is very serious. He gave him shots and a lots of mediacaments. But we are not sure if he will make it. It is such a heartbreaking pitty to see him gasp for air. Sometimes its a bit better and I have hope. Sometimes its suddenly going worse. Right now, it's really awful.

Here s photo of Flecki when he was younger:

Well, it's not that he is old now: 7 years.

This year was not a good year for my animals anyway: In the first week of January our old cat Zazou died from Cancer. Then my horse Hondo was so badly bit by my other horse that the wound infected and we tought he would die, too. We finally choose to give him a chance by an surgery. Luckily, it was successful. But it was very expensive. Costs are an other big problem: This year is a finacial hole for our family, I am the only who earns some money and this only with some commission drawings and royalties from the print books / Publishers. I could not pay the veterinarian for Flecki today. Luckily, he is very nice and gave me credit, as usual.

I just don't know HOW I am gonna pay him. And if Flecki needs further visits. He probably will. My own Medicaments for my heart are so damn exopensive, too. I have to pay them first and then get refunded by the medical insurance. Drugstore also gave me credit. boy, I hate to make depts everywhere I go..

Guess I just have to go on, like anybody else...