samedi, novembre 26, 2005

Get going in the snow

Well, I know I havent written here since a pretty long time. I must say that I am pretty much in a race to keep up with the publishing pace of "Empire of Darkness". In order to be always at least 8 pages ahead, I have to finish 2 pages in a week. that's much, the more that I have other work to be done, too.

So this entry is more of a "I'm still alive, Folks" call.
We are all well, so far. Flecki has recovered entirely. He does a lot of nonsense as usual and jumps around, playing with the other cats. I am very reliefed. It is amazing how quick he got over this serious disease.

Thank you all for your comments. Stephan, there are actually a lot of printed books in German available. For the Kennedy-Comics, go look here. But you might also be interested in the Doudou Books, since they have a "military touch". But keep in mind that the Doudou Books can be offending, since Germans are portrayed as "animals" there. It is not an anti-German comic. It is more a fable about ethnics and how French people saw Germans.
If you (or anyone else) want one or two of those books - just e-mail me. Paypal is fine. But don't feel obligated. I should mention that from all these books, only 2 are in full colour: Doudou 7 and "Francis Moore"
Besides of that, yes, I am still prefering printed books, too. The web is fine to introduce a series to new audience, but when it comes to a real reading pleasure, in my eyes, nothing beats a good book on paper. So I did myself a favor and ordered the printed book of UNA-Frontiers at lulu. UNA Frontiers is one of my top-favorite Webcomics. But the reading of the book is ten time the pleasure. A real thick graphic novel to get lost in for hours - days in it. The kind of good stuff I adore.

dimanche, novembre 06, 2005

Graphic Smash

The pumpkin on the left was our "door guardian" at the Samhain night. I had not the best luck with pumpkins this year. Tough I raised several ones in the garden, I only had a few left for Halloween. Some got rotten before October 31st and one broke. I tried to carve a Gamecreature Pumpkin with the Pattern of the Gamecreature but it seems that you really need special carving tools to do such complex figures. With my spoon and knive I only can do traditional pumkin faces.

The other news, you probably all know by now is Kennedy going to Graphic Smash. (He's allready there). Readers reaction was not allways positive. Some are pissed of that the archive of the series is now behind a subscription wall. I can't but remind all and everyone that the current episode is still free. It only takes a little discipline to watch every update. If you want the comfort of the anytime access to all the content, I don't think that 2.95 per month is too much, espcially when you get also access to tons of other high-quality comics. And you actually do support artists this way.
The most common complain I heard was "If I had to pay for every webcomic, I could not read them all or I'd be ruined". Honestly, where's the point here? There are also much more printed books out there than you can buy and therefore read. But I never heard any complain about the fact that printed books aren't free.