dimanche, novembre 06, 2005

Graphic Smash

The pumpkin on the left was our "door guardian" at the Samhain night. I had not the best luck with pumpkins this year. Tough I raised several ones in the garden, I only had a few left for Halloween. Some got rotten before October 31st and one broke. I tried to carve a Gamecreature Pumpkin with the Pattern of the Gamecreature but it seems that you really need special carving tools to do such complex figures. With my spoon and knive I only can do traditional pumkin faces.

The other news, you probably all know by now is Kennedy going to Graphic Smash. (He's allready there). Readers reaction was not allways positive. Some are pissed of that the archive of the series is now behind a subscription wall. I can't but remind all and everyone that the current episode is still free. It only takes a little discipline to watch every update. If you want the comfort of the anytime access to all the content, I don't think that 2.95 per month is too much, espcially when you get also access to tons of other high-quality comics. And you actually do support artists this way.
The most common complain I heard was "If I had to pay for every webcomic, I could not read them all or I'd be ruined". Honestly, where's the point here? There are also much more printed books out there than you can buy and therefore read. But I never heard any complain about the fact that printed books aren't free.

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Casual Notice a dit…

Some folks don't seem to get how expensive and time-consuming creating a comic can be, especially one as involved and well-drawn as yours. They don't seem to see that your only other realistic option for providing the English translations would be to delete the web presence entirely (except for maybe a five-page teaser) and only work through a dead-tree version.

Coydog a dit…

Doing UNA Frontiers consumes at least four or five hours for each installment. What I get from GS may not be food money, but it can buy me computer parts or a night out once in a while.

Coydog a dit…

When I first got "the call" from Graphic Smash, it was June of 2004. First thing I did was look up other people who had also had the experience of transitioning to GS and see how they handled the matter of breaking the news to their readers. I could then set up a timetable, inform my regular readers, and over the next month and a half, get them used to the idea with a minimum of catcalls from the bleachers. Of course, everyone can handle the matter in a way that suits themselves, but I'm that hyper-cautious sort of person who doesn't make sudden moves generally.

For those who are bringing over an existing archive, the option exists to maintain some free sample pages. You can do this with up to 10% of your archive. I have two permanent sample chapters and the last two chapters at any time because I update more frequently than the others (can be as much as 5x weekly during the dead time of the winter when I have nothing else going on), and this is easier on the non-subscribing readers when my update schedule is at much shorter intervals than the others.

Kyle Miller a dit…

That's a great pumpkin, Diana. My daughter carved mine, I think it came out pretty well. Your friends can take a look at it here.

Yes, folks can sometimes be greedy, especially when it comes to free stuff. You just have to remind them that you like to eat, too!

JgStephan a dit…

Hi Diana
I can't understand the reaction from some readers and your examples are right.
I like Kennedy online, but I am a fan of printed books and comics. If you should sell one of your comics, then tell me it please. The payment with PayPal would be the dearest to me.