lundi, octobre 30, 2006

I changed my mind

As for my work on the the Kennedy Tales #3 Horses of Narragansett I reached the classical point where going on is a bit hard, because I feel the first signs of "getting-enough-of-it". Not that the work is boring. In fact the scenes I am on right now were the ones I looked forward for since the beginning of the story. It's just that I am working on since months now.

It will take me some extra-discipline to finish the story. As usual.

As I mentioned in a previous post, AWH #4 is supposed to be "under the southern cross" - the story of JFK's adventure on PT109.

But right now, I doubt if this is a good idea. Not that the story is not a cool one. But it takes to draw lots of blue sea, exotic forest and JFK half naked. And what am I drawing in the current story? Lots of blue sea, exotic forest and JFK half naked. I need a break from at least the first two things. Really. I can do them later when I had some fresh air.

So I just decided to invert the shedule. Next issue will be JFK on the Moon.
I just have to think about the title...Maybe "Moonwalker"?

vendredi, octobre 27, 2006

Is age a faith-killer?

Lately, I noticed how many of my long time friends that were believers when I met them are nowadays Atheists or at least Agnostics. Especially those who were pagans (or sort of) - or at least liberal monotheists.

Its quite an interesting phenomenon. Now, don't get me wrong: This isn't a rant about people becomming aspritual. Those friends still ARE my friends and not only do I perfectly respect their way, also do these private matters not affect me or our friendship in any way. There's nothing wrong with being just honest to yourself and others and saying what you actually do believe or not. On the contrary, I think it's a good thing.

I am just talking about personal thoughts here.
Sometimes, I feel myself kind of "outmoded" when I see that I am the only one who still believes in the same things I believed years ago. am I this different? You would almost say that maybe the phenomenon is tied to aging. You start as a young and faithful idealst and end up as a faithless realist. Fortunately, it happens also to people younger than me, so there's hope that it isn't just a matter of time to see me become agnostic, or even athist.

mardi, août 22, 2006



You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 8 out of 10 correct!

Where we on the moon? We will go!

I know I didn't write for a long time here. The main reason is once again my health. I am in week ...6?...8? of a nasty infection of the throat. Not the kind that hurt when you swallow but the kind of real vile pain in the larynx. So it hurts almost every time. I had now three therapies with antibiotics that had absolutley NO effect. so I am kind of depressed now.
And if this was not enough, my theet hurt and are infected. I will have to go to the dentist, too. Hell, such a shit!

I can barely work and am terribley behind shedule with the actual Kennedy tale. But I had also some good things happen. The Spiegel online - a widlely known German news magazine - published a little Kennedy Story. If you can read German, go find it here.

Nevertheless, I am at least doing mindwork and I am thinking about the next Kennedy story. Normally, issue#4 will be the turn of my version of the famed Pt109 adventure. I have the finished script ready since a very long time. Yes, its time to realize that story and I will. It's title will be "Under the southern cross".

But I am thinking further. I guess issue#5 will let us see JFK flying to the moon.

I had the basic idea when I read about this silly theory claiming the moon landing was a fake. This site is a good one that debunks those obscure conspiracy theories.

Well, reading about it reminded me that JFK was the one who launched the moon programm and that he unfortunately coudn't watch its come-true. At least not from earth. I think he deserves to go to the moon all on his very own. So I plan to do a very special story. Special in that kind, that his trip will be plainly in the poetic spirit of Jule Verne or H. G Wells, a spirit that still excpected life on the moon. More poetry than technology. At the end we will not know for sure if it was a dream or true.

Yeaah, that too

Arty Kid

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!

lundi, juillet 17, 2006

TV Nostalgia

I guess most of us know the phenomenon: TV-Nostalgia. When you come to a certain age, you realize that TV has changed and that the shows and other things you knew from your childhood days are long time gone.
Recently, I had the chance to find some real neat goodies from the past of the German TV: Images of the "Pferdle und Äffle":

Let me Explain: "Pferdle und Äffle" means "Little horse and little Monkey". And those two Toon-characters were the heroes of little mini-Toons (not more than 30 secconds or so) displayed between the commercials.

Since German TV split into different regional programms during commercial time, every regional TV-Station had its own little commercial-separater-Toons characters. The Horse and the monkey were from Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany.

I do remember the first spots from the end of the 60ties, all black and white and with an almost realistic drawn horse. Altough it was designed to be funny, especially the horse had something very graceous.

The "stories" were silly but neat. The horse was always a bit smarter than the monkey and took care of him.

But sometimes the Monkey also took care of the horse:

In the 70ties the drawing style became more modern:

It was still nice, but I remember that I disapproved the changes. Especially as a little child, I preferred as realistic as possible depictings and had a hard time to get used to the new look especially of the horse.

In the 80ties, the couple changed again and the drawing style was now totally stylized and simple. I hatet it, tough I must admit that it is not bad by itself. It's just when you grew up with the fine drawing-style of the earlier versions, you can't take this.

Anyway, the show was dropped and is now a part of TV-History.

Nowadays, there are no breaks between the commercials anymore, making it sometimes hard to tell if it is already a new or still the old commercial or if the movie has started again. Those little "break-toons" are no longer shown. It may have been a bad decision to drop them, because they actually were the reason for me to watch the commercial-block.

dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

WHY Zidane, Why?

Is this a way to End a world soccer-carreer?

mardi, juin 20, 2006

Some never get enough

I am allwys willing to satisfy readers and customers the best possible. But it seems that sometimes, you can do what you want - it is never enough.

A guy purchased several original comic pages from the Kennedy Comics. He also purchased the printed book AWH#1 and AWH#2.

I prepared the signing of the books. In one I did a little drawing with black outlines and in the other, a big pencil portrait of JFK.

Days later he emailed me, asking me if he could have JFK on horse in one of the books. and that he saw that I put a copy of AWH#2 at Ebay, together with an original drawing.
He asked me if for all the purchases he made, he could have the same favor. I replied that normally, I add an extra Art to Books sold at Ebay to justify the bidding. With the regular book price as starting price, all what goes beyond that is supposed to be for the extra-drawing.
Well, he just bought the album at the regular price. But since I had the signing already made and he bought several items, I offred him to make an extra drawing of JFK on horse on separate paper.

I did this drawing, and it came out very detailed. A regular original art, with inks and color inks. I send the whole parcel to him.

Today he emailed me, that he was disappointed that the signing drawing in AWH#2 with the portrait of JFK was only a pencil drawing. Not a word about the extra-drawing.

I ALWAYS make portrait-drawings in books with pencils alone. In my opinion it looks more decent than clumsy pen-outlines. Those work better if you have a tiny image.
But then of course, it's a matter of taste. I for myself am simply disappointed that even an extra-favour was not enough.

lundi, avril 24, 2006

Blogger Problem

There was a great publishing problem with Seems that it affected most blogs around the world. Glad it works again.

Hell of a weekend!!

This weekend was supposed to be a real cool one.
Well, it was one of the worst in my life.

I was invited at the Comic-Festival at St.Claude, a little town in the very deep of the french Jura. I really looked forward for it and so, never minded the 4 hours it took me to drive from my lorraine home village at Saturdday morning.
In fact, I wasn't feel well when I woke up, my bronchtis stroke again, I had problems to breathe because of my asthma.

But I just wanted to goo.

The festival itself began on saturday at 1:00 PM.
It was very disapointing, because only a few visitors came. I guess there were more artists present than visitors for most of the time.

At the end of the day, at 9 PM we packed very frustrated but with the hope for tomorrow sunday. I went to my car to retrieve my stuff for the hotel room.

The hotel was only about 60 Meters away from the festival hall and if I had been felt healthy enough I just would have taken my stuff from the car, leaving it where it was.
But didn't feel well. In fact I could barely breathe and so I decided to remove the car from the parking house to one of the parking spaces in front of the hotel, on the big plaza.

I drove out and on the street, stopped at the stop sign, and then moved to the left, when well... it was like a meteor falling down on me.

I was litteraly throwed away, my side had a hard collision with the door. I sort of woke up and saw a damaged car on the street and its driver marching towards me. He was upset and now I understood that I just had a car accident. Fuck, I really didn't see this car coming from the right. It was dusk and the car hadn't had its light turned on. I know thats no excuse, but all I can say is, I didn't see him.

I admited that I was in fault and asked to call the police. He did, but the police refused to come.

We called even twice, saying that the accident was real tough but they still refused and said we should use the insurances forms bo write down what happened.

We did as good as we could. I had terrible pain in my side and was in a deep trauma. I called my insurance. The insurace called the breakdown service to remove my car. My car was so fucking damaged it could not go on. the car of the guy was damaged too, but he could drive away when all was done.

So I sit back in my car, waiting for the beakdown service. I started crying, because I had furious pain in my belly and my side, I was alone, I could hardly breath and all in one, it was just one of those real shitty moments in life.

A few minutes later, the Organsisator of the festival and his wife found me. I told them that I was just waiting for the service and then wanted to go in my hotel, because all I wanted was to be alone and safe in a room.

The wife said she was a professional nurse and that she assumed I was injured and had to go to the hospital. I refused because, fuck, I really didn't feel to make this nightmare last even longer trough a hospitalisation. I strongly denied being injured and told them to leave me alone.

I can't say who of them did it, because I was starting getting dizzy, but they called the firefighters saying that there was an injured person to be taken to the hospital by force. I don't quite remember well the next minutes, I was not really aware.

The figherfighters came and took me into an ambulance. I realized how they were upset at the fact that police wasn't there.
I was taken to the hospital and there, they found out I had broken ribs and a head trauma. They gave me a load of pain-killers and an aerosol inhalation against the asthma so I could breathe. Then I was stuck in a brace. They fixed it with sort of a stinky and icecold glue, it was horrible.

I felt a bit better because the pain-killers worked and the brace protected the ribs. Now I am forbidden to do any physical effort or carry whatever for 30 days.

Sunday wasn't better as for the visitors at the festival. Most of the time the artists were alone and we had plenty of time to talk, mostly about my accident.

In the evening, a buddy-artist who lives in Lorraine like me took me aboard his car and we drove home.
A shitty weekend!

jeudi, avril 20, 2006

A nice vintageJFK artwork!

Usually, I am not very fond of JFK-caricatures, both modern and historical ones. Most of them don't display him right (for my taste) and are pretty tacky. JFK himself was not really happy about them, too. He loved to be drawn and paint, but in a proper manner. Now I found a drawing which I think is very good.
Bet, even JFK liked it:

It was made when Kennedy met premier Chrutschchev in Vienna. It shows the two leaders measuring eachother. It's a funny picture but it is most of all, very well drawn.
It reminds me the kind of real nifty drawing styles they had around 1900 - 1918, like the immortal work of Winsor McCay. Really esthetic art with a humor that doesn't come from exageration and silly caricaturing, but from expression and style.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who the artist is.

mardi, avril 11, 2006

My .eu domain!

I guess you knew that there is a new top domain now available: .eu - for "european union.".

The race for claiming eu - domains has began several months ago, and yes, I participated.
I always wanted a john f kennedy domain, but of course, all have been taken:, .com, .net and so on. So I thought I might try my luck with eu. Still, there wasn't any warranty to get it assigned to me, because they would give it to the first who claimed it and I did'nt knew if I was the first or a number on a list. Since I didn't expect to be lucky, I registered for the race and forgot about it.

Today I got the confirmation that they gave me the domain! I was kind of surprised of course.

So what to do with this domain? Since I didn't expect to get it, I didn't make great plans. So for now, I used it as a central portal for my English, French and German Sites. I think it's quite nice. Have a look!

samedi, mars 25, 2006


Since the photo of my JFK doll doesn't work (I deleted it by error), here is a new one:

Speeking of pictures. I bought me a digital camera!
Well, not a real one, just a cheap toy to start with digital photography. So my pics would never compete with the beautiful photos Stepahn Jaeger or mauser*Girl do. I will probably buy me a quality camera some time later. For now, I enjoy playing around.
This was one of the first pics I took:

My cat Millie. She appears really "blue" on this pic. Well, she is kind of blue. The sort of grey breeders call blue. Millie is a mix between a purered siamese cat and a charteureux. She obviously took the chartereux side.

samedi, mars 18, 2006

Ugly JFK Doll

I do not really plan to buy another JFK doll, since the one I have is pretty perfect. Nevertheless, I do roam trough Ebay, from time to time, just for looking. Sometimes, there may be clothing that would suit my doll.

While looking, I saw this doll:

Honestly, isn't that hideous? What is the intent of this thing? repalcing traditioal halloween-monsters? Boah - what a shit, seriously!

But it has it's good side: I became aware of what makes the difference between a nice doll and a horrible one.
First, I have to say, that I never liked dolls very much anyway. I almost never played with them as a child. They scared me somehow. I could not understand why they are supposed to be lovely and being cherished. I know now what makes them scary: It's when they smile, showing their theet. That's tasteless. Ugly. No matter how good it's done, it's just wrong, in most cases.

This JFK Doll does not only smile, its a caricature of a smile. But even realistic intended smiles are nasty. In the Presidential series my own JFK doll comes from, several figures smile: Clinton, as an example, and Reagan. They look horrible. The reason why my JFK doll is decent and beautiful is the fact that he has his mouth closed. (This is always nice, even on some living people)

He doesn't grin like a the little tooth-monster above. He just wears a subtle smile, with a melancholic look in his eyes. This makes a beautiful doll of him. I guess I just have to be grateful the makers didn't have the idea of trying to render the "Kenedy-grin".

vendredi, février 24, 2006

Evolution in drawing styles

Based on the discussion with Othosmops in the comentary section of this article I digged out one of my older works, LOAN. It is funny how my tyle has changed since then. Loan was made in the early 1992 and first published in 1993. It has 3 reprints since then. Loan was meant to be realistic and was in the real "modelé au trait" style, with a lot of lines and black areas to shade and modelling forms.
The other series, Doudou has always been lighter, but still had a lot of lines. With the years, I decreased the amount of lines and became more clear.
When I started with Kennedy, it was pretty clear to me that the overloaded style of Loan would not fit. Still, my very first scetches of JFK show a lot af lines. With the ability to make color comics, they vanished and I now like to make shading lines with the colors.
This is a scene from the old Loan Book:

mercredi, février 22, 2006

Cover of Empire of darkness part 1

I am currently preparing the Comixpress Print Version of "Empire of Darkness". As you may know, the Kennedy Tales Comics are always printed in 2 versions: Perfect bound Album at lulu and stapled Comics at Comixpress.
Since the current story "Empire of Darkness" has more than 60 pages, it will not fit into a classic stapled comic book. Too many pages. So I decided to split the story for the comixpress books in three parts. This way, AWH#2 of Comixpress will be Empire of Darkness part 1, AWH#3 will be part 2 and AWH#4 part 3.
While the lulu Album will contain the whole story in one book.
So this is the cover of Comixpress AWH#2 "Empire of Darkness" part 1:

lundi, février 20, 2006

President's day

My american calendar says it's president's day today. I really wonder if this means that it is the day of the actual President. If so, Let's forget the topic quickly ;-)

If it is a day to commemorate ALL Presidents - cool. Any reason is good to party with JFK.
By the way. Its really a different culture. French or German people would be very disturbed to think of a "chancelor day" or a "french président day".

dimanche, février 19, 2006

Some new JFK Porn

Well, I wish it was porn ;-) but okay, these also do the job. From time to time, I roam trough Ebay, searching for new JFK Photos. It's getting hard to find some I don't already have. When there is a really good one, I try to buy it. But most of them are saved on my harddisk. Unfortunately, some sellers now start to make anti-copying marks on their scans. Booh! Foul players ;-) !!! But luckily, I am not too bad at Corel photopaint and the cloning tool works miracles. Here is a parade of my recent swag:

Young Jack in London, before the war.

Same age. Here I had to clone away a text across the face. Now he looks sun-burnt. Will have to work on this. Arrg!

"Castro got me above the eye, but at least I managed to steal one of his cigards!"

"Where did you buy this suit? at a sold-out?"

One sure enjoys being surrounded by photographers.

vendredi, février 10, 2006

French soldier

It's been some time now I almost didn't draw a single French or German soldier. Never tought this would happen. But Kennedy just doens't leave me any time to do something else. But I still hope that I can pick up my old series, especially Doudou. Probably when I have a Kennedy story that isn't as hard to draw and therefore time consuming as this one. When I mean "hard" I am talking about interiors. Especially the train, the heroes are on board now. Eeeww, is that boring! But the result is also not bad, I think.
Even if I still remain a poor background-artist. There are people who do them so much better than me. Like Garen the author of the comic the rainbow orchid a captiving adventure in a perfect ligne-claire style that plays in the 20ties. Not to be missed. The series is still ongoing, but there's a huge archive to read trough, yet.

Meanwhile, I did my first French Soldier in months:

lundi, février 06, 2006

Support Denmark

Here is a little petition you can sign online to support Denmark and the Jyllands Posten

mercredi, février 01, 2006

Draw Mohammed Week

Boy, Why is art so offending these days?
Now that the scandal around the JFK-"cartoons" comes to rest, (which was very limited anyway) we now have an almost global one, because of a danish paper which pulished (rather harmless if you ask me) drawings of the muslim prophet Muhammed.

Of course, there is now Danish Flag-Burning and "Kill Denmark" Claims all over the muslim world.
Now, don't ge me wrong. They have every right to say it out loud if they think those cartoons are crap. But death-threatening and blackmailing Governements hoping to see them cut freedom of speech is too much. It's terrorism. I didn't ask George Bush to apologize for his countryman for having done those JFK-Comics. I didn't call for boycotting US-Products.
Hell, getting offended is one thing - almost starting a war a seccond.

Several cartoonists now say that they don't dare doing cartoons that could critizise Islam, because they fear for their lives. Hey! This is is still OUR country, ok?

So other cartoonists want to make Draw Mohammed Week
I'm in, of course:

Offended? Well, you are free to:
-not read this blog.
-doing carricatures insulting my Gods.
-say freely how much you think my pic is bullshit.

But don't ask president Chirac to apologize for me. I'm doing my buisness, he's doing his. This is what we call freedom.

mercredi, janvier 25, 2006

It's going on

Shit goes on at Eyeskream. After long discussions in the private section, where they almost convinced me that it was not "mean intended" but just a "joke" that he was dumb enouugh to think I'd like, he started new attacks against me in his forums. Well, if this isn't now the proof that it was of course mean-intended from the beginning on. Funny enough he now locked ALL threads in his forum, probably out of fear I could write something there ;-) Dumb as he is he probably didn't think about the fact that NOBODY can respond to any of his threads now - not even his fans.

lundi, janvier 23, 2006

Still under the fallout

Thank you for all your comments and your support. I might clarify a point: The guy in question is a moderator there, but so am I. Eyeskream is a group (a comic artists association) and as such has a forum. Every group member has a sub-board for his comic on this forum and therefore is a moderator of this Board.
So his vice was not abusing of his moderator status as it was the case for you, Stephan.

It is still hard for me to believe he could not have intended to hit me. If really I am wrong and he honestly thought I would enjoy this crap he must be as dumb as dirt, Sorry.
If I am right, then it makes me sick that JFK had to pay for the fact this Jackass has a problem with me.

Yes, I know that he tries to cultivate this particular humour. I am usually not a sissy when it comes to rude and black humor. I can take a lot. I have nothing against *drawn* comics with headsplitting, zombies and all sort of gory stuff. I also can tolerate ruthless anti-Kennedy Comics or cartoons making fun of his death. I don't like it, but I can stand it.
Same as for fake halloween bloody fingers and skeletons. This silly stuff has nothing to do with reality and therefore is not offending.

Again: The point are the REAL photographs. Because there is no more an artistic interpretation of reality but commenting reality itself.
In this particular case, regarding the photos, it is not even commenting on the fact that Kennedy was assasinated - if you think he might deserved death penality, you might express this - it is commenting suffering and pain. These photos do not show an assasinated President, in fact they are showing a suffering being. Because this is all he was at this moment. You can see clearly how JFK is crouched in pain and the horror of Jackie and Connally. There is no way to find this "funny" unless you are a fucking, vicious Asshole!

I am strongly supporting artistic freedom and freedom of speech but there must be a last ethical border or we can spit on whole ethics right ahead.

samedi, janvier 21, 2006

Don't give me credit for YOUR shit!

Damn Fuck!!, I am pissed of! Just read this thread at the Eyeskream Forum

I already wrote it in that thread but I still feel the urge to throw out my disgust. Fortuneately, that's what blogs are for.

I mean, doing such a tasteless crap is one thing but giving me credit for being the "inspiration" is another. I really don't know if this Asshole really tought I would like it or if he purposely wanted to give me shit. I guess it's the seccond, so the question is why he wanted to piss at me. I don't remember having done anything to him.

"funny" coincidence: I was thinking since a couple days to leave eyeskream, because it turned out to be not what I expected. After I wrote my decision in the forum, some folks wrote very kind things to me and I almost became unsure if maybe I should stay anyway.

During that time I missed this particular thread and only discovered it this morning. (In fact, it's there since january 3.) Of course, nobody else had taken a stand against it all this time. So now I am pretty sure that my decision to leave was right from the beginning on.
I am a strong believer in artistic freedom and speech and would always say that one has to accept such "art" for the sake of this freedom.

But nobdoy can force me to keep my comic in the same group as this one is!!!

And for the Gods sake - don't dare to pretend I was an inspiration for sick shit like that! If anyone feels inspired by my work to do perverted "comics" using snuff-video frames, he has a serious problem.
Nobody can prevent you from doing this sort of tastless trash. The Internet is ful of voyeuristic photos of JFK's autopsy and Zapruder-film frames, designed to satisfy most primitive instincts.

But don't give credit to anybody else for your very own crap.

samedi, janvier 14, 2006

You will hate me for this!

In my last post I talked a bit about my 2D AWH-Game project. I am still working on and it starts to look quite good. Its quite exciting to see JFK hunting for pleistocene fauna and having the animals reacting more and more realistic.

Meanwhile, during the learning process, I put together a little idiotic shooting game, which is now ready. But I warn you: Its rude, tasteless and absolutley shitty. But if you are into these sort of things, Missionary Fight back might be for you. It's downloadable for 2 bucks at lulu.

mardi, janvier 03, 2006

Back again

So I hope you all went well into the new year.
I really hope I will find more time to blog. The problem is, my time shedule is really very overloaded. I am hardly finding the time to achieve all my "duties". I am only a few pages ahead in drawing Empire of Darkness. And we are now coming to a stage where the drawing job is really difficult: Lots of detailed background, the train, and so on. Eben tough I also want to spent one or two hours per day for my hobby: Creating an AWH 2D game. I went on it by acident. As I wrote here earlier, a friend of mine tries to make a 3D game opf AWH. It is very difficult and he was looking for an easier developping programm. I looked around too, and found this Programm It is not really esay to use, either, but I took pleasure to go into and was able to create a good start.