mercredi, janvier 25, 2006

It's going on

Shit goes on at Eyeskream. After long discussions in the private section, where they almost convinced me that it was not "mean intended" but just a "joke" that he was dumb enouugh to think I'd like, he started new attacks against me in his forums. Well, if this isn't now the proof that it was of course mean-intended from the beginning on. Funny enough he now locked ALL threads in his forum, probably out of fear I could write something there ;-) Dumb as he is he probably didn't think about the fact that NOBODY can respond to any of his threads now - not even his fans.

lundi, janvier 23, 2006

Still under the fallout

Thank you for all your comments and your support. I might clarify a point: The guy in question is a moderator there, but so am I. Eyeskream is a group (a comic artists association) and as such has a forum. Every group member has a sub-board for his comic on this forum and therefore is a moderator of this Board.
So his vice was not abusing of his moderator status as it was the case for you, Stephan.

It is still hard for me to believe he could not have intended to hit me. If really I am wrong and he honestly thought I would enjoy this crap he must be as dumb as dirt, Sorry.
If I am right, then it makes me sick that JFK had to pay for the fact this Jackass has a problem with me.

Yes, I know that he tries to cultivate this particular humour. I am usually not a sissy when it comes to rude and black humor. I can take a lot. I have nothing against *drawn* comics with headsplitting, zombies and all sort of gory stuff. I also can tolerate ruthless anti-Kennedy Comics or cartoons making fun of his death. I don't like it, but I can stand it.
Same as for fake halloween bloody fingers and skeletons. This silly stuff has nothing to do with reality and therefore is not offending.

Again: The point are the REAL photographs. Because there is no more an artistic interpretation of reality but commenting reality itself.
In this particular case, regarding the photos, it is not even commenting on the fact that Kennedy was assasinated - if you think he might deserved death penality, you might express this - it is commenting suffering and pain. These photos do not show an assasinated President, in fact they are showing a suffering being. Because this is all he was at this moment. You can see clearly how JFK is crouched in pain and the horror of Jackie and Connally. There is no way to find this "funny" unless you are a fucking, vicious Asshole!

I am strongly supporting artistic freedom and freedom of speech but there must be a last ethical border or we can spit on whole ethics right ahead.

samedi, janvier 21, 2006

Don't give me credit for YOUR shit!

Damn Fuck!!, I am pissed of! Just read this thread at the Eyeskream Forum

I already wrote it in that thread but I still feel the urge to throw out my disgust. Fortuneately, that's what blogs are for.

I mean, doing such a tasteless crap is one thing but giving me credit for being the "inspiration" is another. I really don't know if this Asshole really tought I would like it or if he purposely wanted to give me shit. I guess it's the seccond, so the question is why he wanted to piss at me. I don't remember having done anything to him.

"funny" coincidence: I was thinking since a couple days to leave eyeskream, because it turned out to be not what I expected. After I wrote my decision in the forum, some folks wrote very kind things to me and I almost became unsure if maybe I should stay anyway.

During that time I missed this particular thread and only discovered it this morning. (In fact, it's there since january 3.) Of course, nobody else had taken a stand against it all this time. So now I am pretty sure that my decision to leave was right from the beginning on.
I am a strong believer in artistic freedom and speech and would always say that one has to accept such "art" for the sake of this freedom.

But nobdoy can force me to keep my comic in the same group as this one is!!!

And for the Gods sake - don't dare to pretend I was an inspiration for sick shit like that! If anyone feels inspired by my work to do perverted "comics" using snuff-video frames, he has a serious problem.
Nobody can prevent you from doing this sort of tastless trash. The Internet is ful of voyeuristic photos of JFK's autopsy and Zapruder-film frames, designed to satisfy most primitive instincts.

But don't give credit to anybody else for your very own crap.

samedi, janvier 14, 2006

You will hate me for this!

In my last post I talked a bit about my 2D AWH-Game project. I am still working on and it starts to look quite good. Its quite exciting to see JFK hunting for pleistocene fauna and having the animals reacting more and more realistic.

Meanwhile, during the learning process, I put together a little idiotic shooting game, which is now ready. But I warn you: Its rude, tasteless and absolutley shitty. But if you are into these sort of things, Missionary Fight back might be for you. It's downloadable for 2 bucks at lulu.

mardi, janvier 03, 2006

Back again

So I hope you all went well into the new year.
I really hope I will find more time to blog. The problem is, my time shedule is really very overloaded. I am hardly finding the time to achieve all my "duties". I am only a few pages ahead in drawing Empire of Darkness. And we are now coming to a stage where the drawing job is really difficult: Lots of detailed background, the train, and so on. Eben tough I also want to spent one or two hours per day for my hobby: Creating an AWH 2D game. I went on it by acident. As I wrote here earlier, a friend of mine tries to make a 3D game opf AWH. It is very difficult and he was looking for an easier developping programm. I looked around too, and found this Programm It is not really esay to use, either, but I took pleasure to go into and was able to create a good start.