mardi, janvier 03, 2006

Back again

So I hope you all went well into the new year.
I really hope I will find more time to blog. The problem is, my time shedule is really very overloaded. I am hardly finding the time to achieve all my "duties". I am only a few pages ahead in drawing Empire of Darkness. And we are now coming to a stage where the drawing job is really difficult: Lots of detailed background, the train, and so on. Eben tough I also want to spent one or two hours per day for my hobby: Creating an AWH 2D game. I went on it by acident. As I wrote here earlier, a friend of mine tries to make a 3D game opf AWH. It is very difficult and he was looking for an easier developping programm. I looked around too, and found this Programm It is not really esay to use, either, but I took pleasure to go into and was able to create a good start.

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JgStephan a dit…

Welcome back Diana!
I wish you good luck with the AWH game.

mauser*girl a dit…

That's great - I'm definitely looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about the game! :)

JgStephan a dit…

Thanks for your kind compliment Diana! :)
I use a cheap but useful digital camera. Unfortunately I have not enough money for a reflex camera.

I had promised you photos from the Baltic Sea near the city (Plön)Ploen and I have not forgotten this...