lundi, janvier 23, 2006

Still under the fallout

Thank you for all your comments and your support. I might clarify a point: The guy in question is a moderator there, but so am I. Eyeskream is a group (a comic artists association) and as such has a forum. Every group member has a sub-board for his comic on this forum and therefore is a moderator of this Board.
So his vice was not abusing of his moderator status as it was the case for you, Stephan.

It is still hard for me to believe he could not have intended to hit me. If really I am wrong and he honestly thought I would enjoy this crap he must be as dumb as dirt, Sorry.
If I am right, then it makes me sick that JFK had to pay for the fact this Jackass has a problem with me.

Yes, I know that he tries to cultivate this particular humour. I am usually not a sissy when it comes to rude and black humor. I can take a lot. I have nothing against *drawn* comics with headsplitting, zombies and all sort of gory stuff. I also can tolerate ruthless anti-Kennedy Comics or cartoons making fun of his death. I don't like it, but I can stand it.
Same as for fake halloween bloody fingers and skeletons. This silly stuff has nothing to do with reality and therefore is not offending.

Again: The point are the REAL photographs. Because there is no more an artistic interpretation of reality but commenting reality itself.
In this particular case, regarding the photos, it is not even commenting on the fact that Kennedy was assasinated - if you think he might deserved death penality, you might express this - it is commenting suffering and pain. These photos do not show an assasinated President, in fact they are showing a suffering being. Because this is all he was at this moment. You can see clearly how JFK is crouched in pain and the horror of Jackie and Connally. There is no way to find this "funny" unless you are a fucking, vicious Asshole!

I am strongly supporting artistic freedom and freedom of speech but there must be a last ethical border or we can spit on whole ethics right ahead.

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JgStephan a dit…

Thank you for the explanation Diana.
Usually I like black humor, too and you are completely right, there must be a last ethical border.