vendredi, février 24, 2006

Evolution in drawing styles

Based on the discussion with Othosmops in the comentary section of this article I digged out one of my older works, LOAN. It is funny how my tyle has changed since then. Loan was made in the early 1992 and first published in 1993. It has 3 reprints since then. Loan was meant to be realistic and was in the real "modelé au trait" style, with a lot of lines and black areas to shade and modelling forms.
The other series, Doudou has always been lighter, but still had a lot of lines. With the years, I decreased the amount of lines and became more clear.
When I started with Kennedy, it was pretty clear to me that the overloaded style of Loan would not fit. Still, my very first scetches of JFK show a lot af lines. With the ability to make color comics, they vanished and I now like to make shading lines with the colors.
This is a scene from the old Loan Book:

mercredi, février 22, 2006

Cover of Empire of darkness part 1

I am currently preparing the Comixpress Print Version of "Empire of Darkness". As you may know, the Kennedy Tales Comics are always printed in 2 versions: Perfect bound Album at lulu and stapled Comics at Comixpress.
Since the current story "Empire of Darkness" has more than 60 pages, it will not fit into a classic stapled comic book. Too many pages. So I decided to split the story for the comixpress books in three parts. This way, AWH#2 of Comixpress will be Empire of Darkness part 1, AWH#3 will be part 2 and AWH#4 part 3.
While the lulu Album will contain the whole story in one book.
So this is the cover of Comixpress AWH#2 "Empire of Darkness" part 1:

lundi, février 20, 2006

President's day

My american calendar says it's president's day today. I really wonder if this means that it is the day of the actual President. If so, Let's forget the topic quickly ;-)

If it is a day to commemorate ALL Presidents - cool. Any reason is good to party with JFK.
By the way. Its really a different culture. French or German people would be very disturbed to think of a "chancelor day" or a "french président day".

dimanche, février 19, 2006

Some new JFK Porn

Well, I wish it was porn ;-) but okay, these also do the job. From time to time, I roam trough Ebay, searching for new JFK Photos. It's getting hard to find some I don't already have. When there is a really good one, I try to buy it. But most of them are saved on my harddisk. Unfortunately, some sellers now start to make anti-copying marks on their scans. Booh! Foul players ;-) !!! But luckily, I am not too bad at Corel photopaint and the cloning tool works miracles. Here is a parade of my recent swag:

Young Jack in London, before the war.

Same age. Here I had to clone away a text across the face. Now he looks sun-burnt. Will have to work on this. Arrg!

"Castro got me above the eye, but at least I managed to steal one of his cigards!"

"Where did you buy this suit? at a sold-out?"

One sure enjoys being surrounded by photographers.

vendredi, février 10, 2006

French soldier

It's been some time now I almost didn't draw a single French or German soldier. Never tought this would happen. But Kennedy just doens't leave me any time to do something else. But I still hope that I can pick up my old series, especially Doudou. Probably when I have a Kennedy story that isn't as hard to draw and therefore time consuming as this one. When I mean "hard" I am talking about interiors. Especially the train, the heroes are on board now. Eeeww, is that boring! But the result is also not bad, I think.
Even if I still remain a poor background-artist. There are people who do them so much better than me. Like Garen the author of the comic the rainbow orchid a captiving adventure in a perfect ligne-claire style that plays in the 20ties. Not to be missed. The series is still ongoing, but there's a huge archive to read trough, yet.

Meanwhile, I did my first French Soldier in months:

lundi, février 06, 2006

Support Denmark

Here is a little petition you can sign online to support Denmark and the Jyllands Posten

mercredi, février 01, 2006

Draw Mohammed Week

Boy, Why is art so offending these days?
Now that the scandal around the JFK-"cartoons" comes to rest, (which was very limited anyway) we now have an almost global one, because of a danish paper which pulished (rather harmless if you ask me) drawings of the muslim prophet Muhammed.

Of course, there is now Danish Flag-Burning and "Kill Denmark" Claims all over the muslim world.
Now, don't ge me wrong. They have every right to say it out loud if they think those cartoons are crap. But death-threatening and blackmailing Governements hoping to see them cut freedom of speech is too much. It's terrorism. I didn't ask George Bush to apologize for his countryman for having done those JFK-Comics. I didn't call for boycotting US-Products.
Hell, getting offended is one thing - almost starting a war a seccond.

Several cartoonists now say that they don't dare doing cartoons that could critizise Islam, because they fear for their lives. Hey! This is is still OUR country, ok?

So other cartoonists want to make Draw Mohammed Week
I'm in, of course:

Offended? Well, you are free to:
-not read this blog.
-doing carricatures insulting my Gods.
-say freely how much you think my pic is bullshit.

But don't ask president Chirac to apologize for me. I'm doing my buisness, he's doing his. This is what we call freedom.