mercredi, février 22, 2006

Cover of Empire of darkness part 1

I am currently preparing the Comixpress Print Version of "Empire of Darkness". As you may know, the Kennedy Tales Comics are always printed in 2 versions: Perfect bound Album at lulu and stapled Comics at Comixpress.
Since the current story "Empire of Darkness" has more than 60 pages, it will not fit into a classic stapled comic book. Too many pages. So I decided to split the story for the comixpress books in three parts. This way, AWH#2 of Comixpress will be Empire of Darkness part 1, AWH#3 will be part 2 and AWH#4 part 3.
While the lulu Album will contain the whole story in one book.
So this is the cover of Comixpress AWH#2 "Empire of Darkness" part 1:

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JgStephan a dit…

I would buy the perfect bound "lulu" album of Empire of darkness. Can I have a book which is signed from the artist? I would pay via PayPal Diana.

Othosmops a dit…

The preview onto the shown cover page awakes the hope that JFK will finally get the veil.(?)
I was afraid that he might survive this adventure but never would get back this badly needed national symbol... now I'm dying to see what happens next!

Diana Kennedy a dit…


Thank you! But the lulu-Alöbvum is not out yet. I can put together the first part Comic book, because the first 30 pages are of course finished but since not all pages are finished, the bog album must wait. I will let it know when it is out and then be more than happa to signh a copy for you.


Well, the cover shows JFK at the Inauguration, when he stuill had his veil. So the cover does not say if at the end of the story he will get it back. I will not tell it here neither ;-)

JgStephan a dit…

Ok, I can wait Diana. Thank you! :)

Othosmops a dit…

Oh, I cannot wait! How shall I survive?

mauser*girl a dit…

I'm so looking forward to getting the book from Lulu. Their printing is just gorgeous. I bought the last album and I was amazed by how nice the colors turned out. Can't wait to see this one in print.

What happened to the one you did in German that had JFK on the ship on the cover?

Coydog a dit…

Great cover, Diana! I just might buy some books off ya at some point!

Diana Kennedy a dit…


The cover you speak of is meant to be the cover of the seccond album in German, featuring the PT109 story. Well, I still did not find the time to do it. But it is still planned.