mercredi, février 01, 2006

Draw Mohammed Week

Boy, Why is art so offending these days?
Now that the scandal around the JFK-"cartoons" comes to rest, (which was very limited anyway) we now have an almost global one, because of a danish paper which pulished (rather harmless if you ask me) drawings of the muslim prophet Muhammed.

Of course, there is now Danish Flag-Burning and "Kill Denmark" Claims all over the muslim world.
Now, don't ge me wrong. They have every right to say it out loud if they think those cartoons are crap. But death-threatening and blackmailing Governements hoping to see them cut freedom of speech is too much. It's terrorism. I didn't ask George Bush to apologize for his countryman for having done those JFK-Comics. I didn't call for boycotting US-Products.
Hell, getting offended is one thing - almost starting a war a seccond.

Several cartoonists now say that they don't dare doing cartoons that could critizise Islam, because they fear for their lives. Hey! This is is still OUR country, ok?

So other cartoonists want to make Draw Mohammed Week
I'm in, of course:

Offended? Well, you are free to:
-not read this blog.
-doing carricatures insulting my Gods.
-say freely how much you think my pic is bullshit.

But don't ask president Chirac to apologize for me. I'm doing my buisness, he's doing his. This is what we call freedom.

12 commentaires:

JgStephan a dit…

HAHAHA It's a adequate drawing Diana, great work!

Simon a dit…

bonjour Diana.. félicitation pour vos dessins.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Merci Dostix pour votre visite! A bientôt chez liberté-chérie!

JgStephan a dit…

Bei den neuesten Nachrichten musste ich immer wieder an Deine Zeichnung denken. Mittlerweile wurden ja schon Botschaftsgebaeude von Daenemark und Norwegen in Brand gesetzt.
In Gaza wurden Deutsche Flaggen verbrannt, sowie die Deutsche Vertretung und das EU-Buero angegriffen.

Ich habe zwei Tuerkische Freunde und die schuetteln nur den Kopf ueber dieses Verhalten...

robert Why a dit…
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robert Why a dit…

Excellent cartoon, and rather brave of you given that seemingly anything short of prostrating yourself before Islam (regardless of your religion or ethics)results in yet another fatwa. Suddenly Salman Rushdie isn't feeling so lonely.

Religious zealotry and fundamentalism is incredibly dangerous, particularly when an entire region of the world subscribes to it.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you all very muich fopr your comments!

Hindu a dit…

Very true. :D

Coydog a dit…

Yeehaw! I don't give a rodent's posterior about the radical Islamists and what they think. They can seethe all they want. But if they try to push their law down my throat, they're going to get an ax in their heads and a crowbar up their... you know. I have two young nieces. I swear there will be no burkas in their future.

Othosmops a dit…

The whole spectrum of a serious occidential way of handling the issue is in my guess outlined by two newspaper essays:

"Was nun, ferner Bärtiger?" by Sonia Mikich
"Rotten judgment in the state of Denmark" by Jytte Klausen
(or it's shortened german translation:
"Faules Urteilsvermögen im Staate Dänemark")

BTW, a moslemic relative told me about an islamic cartoon, depicting a desperate prophet Muhammed, crying to Allah: "Why did you punish me with this kind of devotees?"

Diana Kennedy a dit…


The cartoon your friend means sounds to me like the front page of the French Charlie Hedbdo that was publishd 2 weeks ago. But this cartoonwasn't done by a moslem...

Othosmops a dit…

Uh - Charlie Hebdo? Gooooogle - gotcha! Guess I'll ask the Başanak in which islamic publication he believed to root this up...