samedi, mars 25, 2006


Since the photo of my JFK doll doesn't work (I deleted it by error), here is a new one:

Speeking of pictures. I bought me a digital camera!
Well, not a real one, just a cheap toy to start with digital photography. So my pics would never compete with the beautiful photos Stepahn Jaeger or mauser*Girl do. I will probably buy me a quality camera some time later. For now, I enjoy playing around.
This was one of the first pics I took:

My cat Millie. She appears really "blue" on this pic. Well, she is kind of blue. The sort of grey breeders call blue. Millie is a mix between a purered siamese cat and a charteureux. She obviously took the chartereux side.

4 commentaires:

mauser*girl a dit…

Awwww... she's beautiful! :)

Speaking of little "toy" digital cameras, they now sell ones here that go on your keychain - they're really tiny and come in different colors. Perfect for little snapshots. AND they're only $15! I'm thinking about getting one of those just for the heck of it.

JgStephan a dit…

Millie is really cute! :)
Thanks for the sweet compliment Diana. "blush"

Coydog a dit…

Oooh, cute kitty! I've seen a few "blue" cats around. They really shimmer when the light hits them just so.

Othosmops a dit…

Ahh... this JFK doll is a really condign one compared to the ugly ebay doll - however still presidentally deadpan compared with your JFK character in the comic!