samedi, mars 18, 2006

Ugly JFK Doll

I do not really plan to buy another JFK doll, since the one I have is pretty perfect. Nevertheless, I do roam trough Ebay, from time to time, just for looking. Sometimes, there may be clothing that would suit my doll.

While looking, I saw this doll:

Honestly, isn't that hideous? What is the intent of this thing? repalcing traditioal halloween-monsters? Boah - what a shit, seriously!

But it has it's good side: I became aware of what makes the difference between a nice doll and a horrible one.
First, I have to say, that I never liked dolls very much anyway. I almost never played with them as a child. They scared me somehow. I could not understand why they are supposed to be lovely and being cherished. I know now what makes them scary: It's when they smile, showing their theet. That's tasteless. Ugly. No matter how good it's done, it's just wrong, in most cases.

This JFK Doll does not only smile, its a caricature of a smile. But even realistic intended smiles are nasty. In the Presidential series my own JFK doll comes from, several figures smile: Clinton, as an example, and Reagan. They look horrible. The reason why my JFK doll is decent and beautiful is the fact that he has his mouth closed. (This is always nice, even on some living people)

He doesn't grin like a the little tooth-monster above. He just wears a subtle smile, with a melancholic look in his eyes. This makes a beautiful doll of him. I guess I just have to be grateful the makers didn't have the idea of trying to render the "Kenedy-grin".

4 commentaires:

mauser*girl a dit…

I think the ugly doll is a contemporary 1960s/70s caricature one ... but it sure is hideous. Yikes. :P

JgStephan a dit…

The JFK doll is really ugly! Little tooth monster... "LOL"

Othosmops a dit…

Now I'd like to have a look at your nice JFK doll (for comparision only ;^))...

Coydog a dit…

Yow... looks like the grandaddy of the bobblehead doll.