lundi, avril 24, 2006

Hell of a weekend!!

This weekend was supposed to be a real cool one.
Well, it was one of the worst in my life.

I was invited at the Comic-Festival at St.Claude, a little town in the very deep of the french Jura. I really looked forward for it and so, never minded the 4 hours it took me to drive from my lorraine home village at Saturdday morning.
In fact, I wasn't feel well when I woke up, my bronchtis stroke again, I had problems to breathe because of my asthma.

But I just wanted to goo.

The festival itself began on saturday at 1:00 PM.
It was very disapointing, because only a few visitors came. I guess there were more artists present than visitors for most of the time.

At the end of the day, at 9 PM we packed very frustrated but with the hope for tomorrow sunday. I went to my car to retrieve my stuff for the hotel room.

The hotel was only about 60 Meters away from the festival hall and if I had been felt healthy enough I just would have taken my stuff from the car, leaving it where it was.
But didn't feel well. In fact I could barely breathe and so I decided to remove the car from the parking house to one of the parking spaces in front of the hotel, on the big plaza.

I drove out and on the street, stopped at the stop sign, and then moved to the left, when well... it was like a meteor falling down on me.

I was litteraly throwed away, my side had a hard collision with the door. I sort of woke up and saw a damaged car on the street and its driver marching towards me. He was upset and now I understood that I just had a car accident. Fuck, I really didn't see this car coming from the right. It was dusk and the car hadn't had its light turned on. I know thats no excuse, but all I can say is, I didn't see him.

I admited that I was in fault and asked to call the police. He did, but the police refused to come.

We called even twice, saying that the accident was real tough but they still refused and said we should use the insurances forms bo write down what happened.

We did as good as we could. I had terrible pain in my side and was in a deep trauma. I called my insurance. The insurace called the breakdown service to remove my car. My car was so fucking damaged it could not go on. the car of the guy was damaged too, but he could drive away when all was done.

So I sit back in my car, waiting for the beakdown service. I started crying, because I had furious pain in my belly and my side, I was alone, I could hardly breath and all in one, it was just one of those real shitty moments in life.

A few minutes later, the Organsisator of the festival and his wife found me. I told them that I was just waiting for the service and then wanted to go in my hotel, because all I wanted was to be alone and safe in a room.

The wife said she was a professional nurse and that she assumed I was injured and had to go to the hospital. I refused because, fuck, I really didn't feel to make this nightmare last even longer trough a hospitalisation. I strongly denied being injured and told them to leave me alone.

I can't say who of them did it, because I was starting getting dizzy, but they called the firefighters saying that there was an injured person to be taken to the hospital by force. I don't quite remember well the next minutes, I was not really aware.

The figherfighters came and took me into an ambulance. I realized how they were upset at the fact that police wasn't there.
I was taken to the hospital and there, they found out I had broken ribs and a head trauma. They gave me a load of pain-killers and an aerosol inhalation against the asthma so I could breathe. Then I was stuck in a brace. They fixed it with sort of a stinky and icecold glue, it was horrible.

I felt a bit better because the pain-killers worked and the brace protected the ribs. Now I am forbidden to do any physical effort or carry whatever for 30 days.

Sunday wasn't better as for the visitors at the festival. Most of the time the artists were alone and we had plenty of time to talk, mostly about my accident.

In the evening, a buddy-artist who lives in Lorraine like me took me aboard his car and we drove home.
A shitty weekend!

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mauser*girl a dit…

What a horrible weekend!

Firstly, I think the guy who hit you is definitely at fault. If it is getting dark and he doesn't have his lights on, there's absolutely no way you could have seen him. It was stupid of him to drive without his headlights on, and while I don't know your laws, that would make him at fault here.

Secondly, the police are idiots. People get injured even in simple car accidents, and if nothing else, when you called them, they should have responded to make sure everyone was okay, there was no debris in the road, and the cars would be removed. Here, police and ambulance usually respond to a car accident together, the police set up road flares to mark the accident so that no other cars get involved, and usually wait for a tow truck to get there and take your car away.

That's the way it SHOULD be. You are really lucky that the event organizer and his wife found you. You never know what kind of internal injuries can be caused just by the seat belt during a collision!

JgStephan a dit…

Das tut mir sehr leid. :(
Versicherungstechnisch hat der Kerl auf jeden Fall eine Teilschuld, zumindest in Deutschland. Bei uns waere die Polizei auch auf jeden Fall gekommen, nur bei Bagatellunfaellen kommen sie nicht.
Ich hoffe das Du Dich schnell erholst, gute Besserung Diana.

Coydog a dit…

If this had happened in New Brunswick, the police and EMT's would be all over the place as thick as thieves, even if it was just a fender bender. As for the guy who ran into you, our courts would have his guts for lunch! You're lucky to have such good friends who saw that you got the care that you needed. Get well soon!

Garen a dit…

Agh! Sorry to hear what an awful time you've had. The police not coming... unbelievable. It's behind you now, so all the best - you deserve some good stuff.

Othosmops a dit…

Damn. That was more evil than I guessed from what I read in the GS&R forum. I hope everything is fine again now.
Good luck, take care!