mardi, avril 11, 2006

My .eu domain!

I guess you knew that there is a new top domain now available: .eu - for "european union.".

The race for claiming eu - domains has began several months ago, and yes, I participated.
I always wanted a john f kennedy domain, but of course, all have been taken:, .com, .net and so on. So I thought I might try my luck with eu. Still, there wasn't any warranty to get it assigned to me, because they would give it to the first who claimed it and I did'nt knew if I was the first or a number on a list. Since I didn't expect to be lucky, I registered for the race and forgot about it.

Today I got the confirmation that they gave me the domain! I was kind of surprised of course.

So what to do with this domain? Since I didn't expect to get it, I didn't make great plans. So for now, I used it as a central portal for my English, French and German Sites. I think it's quite nice. Have a look!

4 commentaires:

Coydog a dit…

Looks great!

mauser*girl a dit…

Cool! Congratulations on getting the domain! :)

JgStephan a dit…

Congratulation Diana! :) Your new domain looks great, is very interesting and clearly arranged.

Othosmops a dit…

I'm already hooked! ;o)