mardi, juin 20, 2006

Some never get enough

I am allwys willing to satisfy readers and customers the best possible. But it seems that sometimes, you can do what you want - it is never enough.

A guy purchased several original comic pages from the Kennedy Comics. He also purchased the printed book AWH#1 and AWH#2.

I prepared the signing of the books. In one I did a little drawing with black outlines and in the other, a big pencil portrait of JFK.

Days later he emailed me, asking me if he could have JFK on horse in one of the books. and that he saw that I put a copy of AWH#2 at Ebay, together with an original drawing.
He asked me if for all the purchases he made, he could have the same favor. I replied that normally, I add an extra Art to Books sold at Ebay to justify the bidding. With the regular book price as starting price, all what goes beyond that is supposed to be for the extra-drawing.
Well, he just bought the album at the regular price. But since I had the signing already made and he bought several items, I offred him to make an extra drawing of JFK on horse on separate paper.

I did this drawing, and it came out very detailed. A regular original art, with inks and color inks. I send the whole parcel to him.

Today he emailed me, that he was disappointed that the signing drawing in AWH#2 with the portrait of JFK was only a pencil drawing. Not a word about the extra-drawing.

I ALWAYS make portrait-drawings in books with pencils alone. In my opinion it looks more decent than clumsy pen-outlines. Those work better if you have a tiny image.
But then of course, it's a matter of taste. I for myself am simply disappointed that even an extra-favour was not enough.