lundi, juillet 17, 2006

TV Nostalgia

I guess most of us know the phenomenon: TV-Nostalgia. When you come to a certain age, you realize that TV has changed and that the shows and other things you knew from your childhood days are long time gone.
Recently, I had the chance to find some real neat goodies from the past of the German TV: Images of the "Pferdle und Äffle":

Let me Explain: "Pferdle und Äffle" means "Little horse and little Monkey". And those two Toon-characters were the heroes of little mini-Toons (not more than 30 secconds or so) displayed between the commercials.

Since German TV split into different regional programms during commercial time, every regional TV-Station had its own little commercial-separater-Toons characters. The Horse and the monkey were from Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany.

I do remember the first spots from the end of the 60ties, all black and white and with an almost realistic drawn horse. Altough it was designed to be funny, especially the horse had something very graceous.

The "stories" were silly but neat. The horse was always a bit smarter than the monkey and took care of him.

But sometimes the Monkey also took care of the horse:

In the 70ties the drawing style became more modern:

It was still nice, but I remember that I disapproved the changes. Especially as a little child, I preferred as realistic as possible depictings and had a hard time to get used to the new look especially of the horse.

In the 80ties, the couple changed again and the drawing style was now totally stylized and simple. I hatet it, tough I must admit that it is not bad by itself. It's just when you grew up with the fine drawing-style of the earlier versions, you can't take this.

Anyway, the show was dropped and is now a part of TV-History.

Nowadays, there are no breaks between the commercials anymore, making it sometimes hard to tell if it is already a new or still the old commercial or if the movie has started again. Those little "break-toons" are no longer shown. It may have been a bad decision to drop them, because they actually were the reason for me to watch the commercial-block.

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Coydog a dit…

We have had similar animated segments on Canadian children's TV, and still do. They're generally called "bumpers" in the media business.

JgStephan a dit…

Hello Diana,
I'm so sorry, because I haven't answered your comment in my blog. I had some problems in the last months and therefore you haven't heard from me, but in the moment is everything alright.

I know "Pferdle und Äffle" from my childhood, but I had forget the cartoon and your blog post has remind me. ^^

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