dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

WHY Zidane, Why?

Is this a way to End a world soccer-carreer?

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Frunny The Frog a dit…

Hi, i have great video about Ronaldinho Vs Zidane.I think article is great.

Best regards from Mike
This is link to this great video
Ronaldinho Vs Zidane

Othosmops a dit…

Doing a soccer match against the Italians means not only kicking the ball but also bearing provocations and bullyings of any kind.
So Zidane finally put his feeling of honor above a splendid farewell... his latter statements do not indicate that tje assault was just an incidental 'losing the plot'.
The German kicker Frings acted similar concerning the Argentine provocations.

However - what a big difference to the farewell of the German keeper Oliver Kahn!
Sometimes it seems to be more luck when getting bronze instead of silver.

Besides - Congrats!! :-)
Just found your online comic at "Spiegel Online". Cooool!