mardi, août 22, 2006



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Where we on the moon? We will go!

I know I didn't write for a long time here. The main reason is once again my health. I am in week ...6?...8? of a nasty infection of the throat. Not the kind that hurt when you swallow but the kind of real vile pain in the larynx. So it hurts almost every time. I had now three therapies with antibiotics that had absolutley NO effect. so I am kind of depressed now.
And if this was not enough, my theet hurt and are infected. I will have to go to the dentist, too. Hell, such a shit!

I can barely work and am terribley behind shedule with the actual Kennedy tale. But I had also some good things happen. The Spiegel online - a widlely known German news magazine - published a little Kennedy Story. If you can read German, go find it here.

Nevertheless, I am at least doing mindwork and I am thinking about the next Kennedy story. Normally, issue#4 will be the turn of my version of the famed Pt109 adventure. I have the finished script ready since a very long time. Yes, its time to realize that story and I will. It's title will be "Under the southern cross".

But I am thinking further. I guess issue#5 will let us see JFK flying to the moon.

I had the basic idea when I read about this silly theory claiming the moon landing was a fake. This site is a good one that debunks those obscure conspiracy theories.

Well, reading about it reminded me that JFK was the one who launched the moon programm and that he unfortunately coudn't watch its come-true. At least not from earth. I think he deserves to go to the moon all on his very own. So I plan to do a very special story. Special in that kind, that his trip will be plainly in the poetic spirit of Jule Verne or H. G Wells, a spirit that still excpected life on the moon. More poetry than technology. At the end we will not know for sure if it was a dream or true.

Yeaah, that too

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