lundi, octobre 30, 2006

I changed my mind

As for my work on the the Kennedy Tales #3 Horses of Narragansett I reached the classical point where going on is a bit hard, because I feel the first signs of "getting-enough-of-it". Not that the work is boring. In fact the scenes I am on right now were the ones I looked forward for since the beginning of the story. It's just that I am working on since months now.

It will take me some extra-discipline to finish the story. As usual.

As I mentioned in a previous post, AWH #4 is supposed to be "under the southern cross" - the story of JFK's adventure on PT109.

But right now, I doubt if this is a good idea. Not that the story is not a cool one. But it takes to draw lots of blue sea, exotic forest and JFK half naked. And what am I drawing in the current story? Lots of blue sea, exotic forest and JFK half naked. I need a break from at least the first two things. Really. I can do them later when I had some fresh air.

So I just decided to invert the shedule. Next issue will be JFK on the Moon.
I just have to think about the title...Maybe "Moonwalker"?

vendredi, octobre 27, 2006

Is age a faith-killer?

Lately, I noticed how many of my long time friends that were believers when I met them are nowadays Atheists or at least Agnostics. Especially those who were pagans (or sort of) - or at least liberal monotheists.

Its quite an interesting phenomenon. Now, don't get me wrong: This isn't a rant about people becomming aspritual. Those friends still ARE my friends and not only do I perfectly respect their way, also do these private matters not affect me or our friendship in any way. There's nothing wrong with being just honest to yourself and others and saying what you actually do believe or not. On the contrary, I think it's a good thing.

I am just talking about personal thoughts here.
Sometimes, I feel myself kind of "outmoded" when I see that I am the only one who still believes in the same things I believed years ago. am I this different? You would almost say that maybe the phenomenon is tied to aging. You start as a young and faithful idealst and end up as a faithless realist. Fortunately, it happens also to people younger than me, so there's hope that it isn't just a matter of time to see me become agnostic, or even athist.