dimanche, août 19, 2007

Jerks! Fucking Jerks!

Boy, I hate my neighbours!

Not all of course. But those who live two houses from mine down the street. Its a familly with a lot of sons and these sons annoyed me since I moved into this village.

Because they spent their teen days with their asses glued on old and loud motorcycles with which they constantly turned around in our streeet. Up und down. Always in the same street.

Well, we hoped that this was just a phase. We thought that when they will grow older they will have other interests. We thought when they will make their drivers license and have cars, they will go elsewhere.

Now, years have passed and their parents moved out (!!). Probably got too pissed of by their own brats. The sons have now cars. Ans guess what?
They turn around in our street wth the cars. Up and down, making as much noise as possible. Wonder where those lowlives get the money to buy the gasoline.

And at night they invite their dumb friends and they drink themselves half blind, going out on the street, pissing on the street, yelling, taking the cars and turning around with them. Tonight it was until 3 O'clock in the morning.


We wrote a complaint to the village mayor. he wrote a harsh letter to them, threating them with the court. It helped 2 weeks. 2 weeks of calm. And now it started again. Well, I already typed a new letter to the mayor.

What I really would like to know is how it can be possible that young people are THIS dumb. I mean, passing youth with NO other interests than drinking and turning around in the same fucking street with noisy cars or cycles. How shitty stupid must one be?

samedi, août 04, 2007

Well and that..

The sorting hat says that I belong in Gryffindor!

Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name."

Students of Gryffindor are typically brave, daring, and chivalrous.
Famous members include Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus Dumbledore (head of Hogwarts), and Minerva McGonagall (head of Gryffindor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

Crazy race

Ok, as I promised in the last post, I will talk more about each project I am working on.

Aside "Thyla", I am doing another short cartoon: "Crazy race." Its about a Horse Race held in JFK's World.

There are five finalists competing eachother: Texas thunder, Apache hawk, Lilly Marleen, Cuban Missile and Lazy Rocket. These are the names of the horses, of course.

The race itself will be full of "impossible" accidents and slapsticks. Its a great fun doing this movie, altough it also involves very much of working. The Picture above shows "cuban missule" on hs way to the arena:

mercredi, juin 13, 2007

New projects

With all the projects I am currently into, I get very little time to spare and therefore little time for blogging.

Let me make the list:

*Current JFK album "Selenas Song". Here I am at page 25.

*Current "big" movie project: "Thyla the Tsmanian Tiger". I manage to do about a 3 secconds scene each week. Other than drawing, scanning and preparing the frames in Corel and Flash, I have to write the script and work with the people who do the speaking.
For now, I have the french speaking people. I will have to look for English and German voices later. Got the first dialogues and narration from Nathalie, a talen,ted french singer with a Edith Piaf like voice who speeks Thyla, this morning. She did a very good job. Her voice realy matches the character.

*Current, seccond Movie project: "Crazy race" will be a little Toon for the net. Here, the first langiage will be English. The guy who do the speaking also composed the music. Very cool thing, too.

*The JFK Clendar 2008. Yes, its again time to work on the new calendar for 208. Made the cover.

*Photo calendar with photos from a friend. I wll talk about this later.

*Other little drawings, respinding in Forums, emails and doing a little work for Stupidedia.

*Work in the garden, family, animals...

I try to work on EACH project a bit every day. You can imagine that it is not easy t get a few minutes...

The picture above is a scene from "Thyla"

jeudi, avril 12, 2007

Magnolias in the Wind

After a heavy wind last days. we have now increasing warmth and its almost 27 degrees now. The Trees open their flowers and working in the garden has become a elight. Just hope that cold will nrt come back, especially frost.

lundi, avril 02, 2007

Little Toon Video by me

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and masde a little video. Hope you will enjoy. If you like it, please go to myvideo.de and rate it!

samedi, mars 03, 2007


To the left is my little Georgie. Georgie is now 6 yars old but he still has the size of a 4 month Kitten. Gods know why. Originlly I just wanted to take a picture of him sitting on the TV, but the camera took long to make the picture, so Georgie yawned when the flash actully was launched.

You will notice the very dirty old window frame in the backround. That is one of the things on my shedule for this month: Fixing that window!

In the last post I announced that I well tell you of a less brighter thing that happened at the Stupidedia. Indeed, one of our fellow admins turned out to be a false person. It startet with the fact that he answered to a very agressive user in a way that was against us. In the secret Forum I asked him why he acts this way. After all, we all agreed that to the outside, we will always stand for ONE common politics. And of course never critizise others in public.

This is necessary, or our authority will be undermined.
Not only did he not stop his behaviour, but he finally confessed that he was that other bad user himself and that he actualy runned a lot of fake identities on Stupidedia. He also was one account on the Kamelopedia, so no wonder they weren't particulary surprised about our Valentine Greeting. Well, we were very upset and fired him as an admin. After that he continued to annoy us, complaining about the fact that we didn't talk much to him, nor "respond quickly"

Hell, what does he expect? He also keeps on saying that what he did was not that serious. Well, its not the fakery itself, but the missuse of our confidence and friendship. I wsih he had the dignity to just leave us alone. But I am afraid, he just logged in under a new fake identity.

mardi, février 27, 2007

Stupidedia, part one

I guess you all know Wikipedia.. There are several parodies of Wikipedia out there now, one of them ist the Stupidedia, in german. Since a couple of months now, I am an active contributor of the Stupidedia and even became one of the admins, who are called "Dictators" there.

One of the most funny things we recently had, was a series of articles about our rival project, the Kamelopedia, an encyclopedia which is ll about camels. Silly.

So we made fun of them and published all our articles the same day, at February 14. Sort of saying: "Nice Valentine, assholes!"

There was also a contest for the best of those articles and guess who made first - well, it was me.
See the Award on the left. And here is the article. If wou can read German, enjoy! the names of the camels are of course parodies of Names of Users from the Kamelopedia and the names of the riders are derivates of our names. The mysterious Harem Lady of the President is of course me.

Today we had a lesser good day on the Stupidedia. But I will tell you from this next time.

lundi, février 26, 2007

Storm and rain again...

We didn't had a rel winter. Perhaps 4 or 5 days of snow and even less days of frost. After 2 yers of almost eternal winter that brought us snow from january until may, it looks like we finally will have something similar to a spring. So I went on a little walk 2 days ago, my first one after the heavy Influenza I had. I made the picture beyond of a tree on the pastures around our village. Today, storm came back and brought lots of nasty rain.

As for my actual JFK story, it does pretty good. I finshed page 11 today.

mardi, février 06, 2007


I got me a cold again. Nothing too bad, but still nasty. I take it as an excuse to slacker a bit around. Playing with my new camera. So this is the wall behind my computer and an edge of the bokshelf- The green leaf is actually a plastic sheet.

mercredi, janvier 31, 2007

End of old "Mitternachtsbibliothek"

I used to start blogging in german language, years ago, when a blog wasn't even called blog but "online Diary". It was hosted at parsimony.net, who do also host a lot of forums and other stuff.
The problem with parsimony has always been that they can change their minds without announcement.

As an exeample: When they started their service years ago, offering free forums, everybody took one. And when the forums really rocked, Parismony said that now tese forums had to be paid or they will delete 'em.

Of course, people where upset und parsimony received bad feedback in the press.
And now they decided to end the blogs, even the paid ones. Of course, it came as a shock for all those who bloged years without interruption.

As for me, while I am a bit sad too, I must admit that, since I wasn't writing in my german blog for over a year, It can be as well be closed. In exchange I hope I can spend more time for this one.

Other thing: I finally got me a "real" Digital camera. The picture above was taken this morning af the Magnolia tree I planted 9 years ago, shortly after we bought the house. It has really grown since then. See all the lovley buds, awaitng spring.