mercredi, janvier 31, 2007

End of old "Mitternachtsbibliothek"

I used to start blogging in german language, years ago, when a blog wasn't even called blog but "online Diary". It was hosted at, who do also host a lot of forums and other stuff.
The problem with parsimony has always been that they can change their minds without announcement.

As an exeample: When they started their service years ago, offering free forums, everybody took one. And when the forums really rocked, Parismony said that now tese forums had to be paid or they will delete 'em.

Of course, people where upset und parsimony received bad feedback in the press.
And now they decided to end the blogs, even the paid ones. Of course, it came as a shock for all those who bloged years without interruption.

As for me, while I am a bit sad too, I must admit that, since I wasn't writing in my german blog for over a year, It can be as well be closed. In exchange I hope I can spend more time for this one.

Other thing: I finally got me a "real" Digital camera. The picture above was taken this morning af the Magnolia tree I planted 9 years ago, shortly after we bought the house. It has really grown since then. See all the lovley buds, awaitng spring.