lundi, février 26, 2007

Storm and rain again...

We didn't had a rel winter. Perhaps 4 or 5 days of snow and even less days of frost. After 2 yers of almost eternal winter that brought us snow from january until may, it looks like we finally will have something similar to a spring. So I went on a little walk 2 days ago, my first one after the heavy Influenza I had. I made the picture beyond of a tree on the pastures around our village. Today, storm came back and brought lots of nasty rain.

As for my actual JFK story, it does pretty good. I finshed page 11 today.

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mauser*girl a dit…

What a beautiful view you have out there - I'm jealous. I'd love to have such a pretty place to walk at with my dog. But I live in a pretty urban area and the closest we get to that is the local park (but at least it's within walking distance).

Hope you're feeling better... the flu is not fun. My poor Brian is sick, too - he has a stomach virus and I'm just hoping he won't give it to me!!!