mardi, février 27, 2007

Stupidedia, part one

I guess you all know Wikipedia.. There are several parodies of Wikipedia out there now, one of them ist the Stupidedia, in german. Since a couple of months now, I am an active contributor of the Stupidedia and even became one of the admins, who are called "Dictators" there.

One of the most funny things we recently had, was a series of articles about our rival project, the Kamelopedia, an encyclopedia which is ll about camels. Silly.

So we made fun of them and published all our articles the same day, at February 14. Sort of saying: "Nice Valentine, assholes!"

There was also a contest for the best of those articles and guess who made first - well, it was me.
See the Award on the left. And here is the article. If wou can read German, enjoy! the names of the camels are of course parodies of Names of Users from the Kamelopedia and the names of the riders are derivates of our names. The mysterious Harem Lady of the President is of course me.

Today we had a lesser good day on the Stupidedia. But I will tell you from this next time.

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mauser*girl a dit…

*LOL* Stupidedia ... that sounds funny and I'll definitely check it out!

I wrote some articles on Wikipedia on subjects there wasn't a lot of information on (World War II stuff). :)