samedi, mars 03, 2007


To the left is my little Georgie. Georgie is now 6 yars old but he still has the size of a 4 month Kitten. Gods know why. Originlly I just wanted to take a picture of him sitting on the TV, but the camera took long to make the picture, so Georgie yawned when the flash actully was launched.

You will notice the very dirty old window frame in the backround. That is one of the things on my shedule for this month: Fixing that window!

In the last post I announced that I well tell you of a less brighter thing that happened at the Stupidedia. Indeed, one of our fellow admins turned out to be a false person. It startet with the fact that he answered to a very agressive user in a way that was against us. In the secret Forum I asked him why he acts this way. After all, we all agreed that to the outside, we will always stand for ONE common politics. And of course never critizise others in public.

This is necessary, or our authority will be undermined.
Not only did he not stop his behaviour, but he finally confessed that he was that other bad user himself and that he actualy runned a lot of fake identities on Stupidedia. He also was one account on the Kamelopedia, so no wonder they weren't particulary surprised about our Valentine Greeting. Well, we were very upset and fired him as an admin. After that he continued to annoy us, complaining about the fact that we didn't talk much to him, nor "respond quickly"

Hell, what does he expect? He also keeps on saying that what he did was not that serious. Well, its not the fakery itself, but the missuse of our confidence and friendship. I wsih he had the dignity to just leave us alone. But I am afraid, he just logged in under a new fake identity.