mercredi, juin 13, 2007

New projects

With all the projects I am currently into, I get very little time to spare and therefore little time for blogging.

Let me make the list:

*Current JFK album "Selenas Song". Here I am at page 25.

*Current "big" movie project: "Thyla the Tsmanian Tiger". I manage to do about a 3 secconds scene each week. Other than drawing, scanning and preparing the frames in Corel and Flash, I have to write the script and work with the people who do the speaking.
For now, I have the french speaking people. I will have to look for English and German voices later. Got the first dialogues and narration from Nathalie, a talen,ted french singer with a Edith Piaf like voice who speeks Thyla, this morning. She did a very good job. Her voice realy matches the character.

*Current, seccond Movie project: "Crazy race" will be a little Toon for the net. Here, the first langiage will be English. The guy who do the speaking also composed the music. Very cool thing, too.

*The JFK Clendar 2008. Yes, its again time to work on the new calendar for 208. Made the cover.

*Photo calendar with photos from a friend. I wll talk about this later.

*Other little drawings, respinding in Forums, emails and doing a little work for Stupidedia.

*Work in the garden, family, animals...

I try to work on EACH project a bit every day. You can imagine that it is not easy t get a few minutes...

The picture above is a scene from "Thyla"