jeudi, avril 30, 2009

Long time no see

It has been a very long time since my last update. But I'll try to reanimate this blog.

I am in way too much communities. Deviantart, Facebook, Mr. Wong and the Gods know what else.
Most of the time I was pretty much compelled into joining these. And after a some time of activity I let them go to sleep. So I think that I will simply get rid of the most of them and focus my scarce time into just one self-presentation media: this blog.

I really don't know how some friends of mine manage to get involved in this much communities and really stay tuned on each and every one. At least me I don't have that much time and energy.

So what to say for this first entry?
Spring is here and I work a lot in the garden and on the houseyard. The chestnut I planted last year had rooted itself into a fine little tree. It was a chestnut from Basele; one of those big old ones I knew from my childhood. I called my little tree "Beppi". Beppi is the common name for a Basilean.
I hope I can grow him big and strong. Here is the first photo og him, with his very first leaves: