dimanche, mai 31, 2009

European silver devil

Why do you think I am holding this beast with thick working gloves?

Because, otherwise I will be dead in seconds only because of a slight contact with its deadly skin. Let alone if it bit me!
Just kidding. The little fellow is a harmless blindworm. This morning I was working in the garden. When I was tearing out some bushes, I found it asleep in the warm earth. I catched it and took this photo. It reminded me of a scene in the JFK story "the horses of Narragansett" where a Cuban barkeeper tried to fool people by pretending that a blindworm he kept inside a bottle was a very toxic snake.

By the way, you can read the whole story here

I released the blindworm in a warm place with stones and it slipped away, while I took this last photo:

Other than moving blindworms, I did other things today. I went on a cycling trip again. There was a heavy wind and it was not so easy. But still, a blue sky and plenty of sunshine. I picked up a lot of wild flowers in the fields and also found wild strawberries which I will eat with jogurth this evening.

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