dimanche, mai 17, 2009

Eurovision Songcontest

I know that probably every seccond blog will write about this subject today, so do I.

Considering the real tremendous victory of Norway, I assume that Alexander Rybak's "Fairytale" is real popular among a lot of people. Therefore I hope that no one will be offended when I say that, personnally, I didn't like the song. Or better, I disliked the way it was performed.
In my ears, the boy seemed in the middle of his voice change and missed several pitchs, especially in the refrain. Since there where a lot of great voices in the show, I never thought he would made a good place.

Well, he won and this was kind of a surprise for me. Maybe it was because he is "young and sweet" and may have appealed to a lot of 11 year old girls who voted for him with their cell phones under the bed blankets. He may also have been a favorite of old, dirty half-pedophiles who liked the "fresh meat". But I admit that these aspects do not explain a victory this huge. So there must be some other reasons that are beyond me. It's always a freaky feeling to be so much outside the common taste.

Let's say a few words about France and Germany, both being of interest for me as French-German. I was very pleased that after a while, France finally started with a good song again. Patricia Kaas is of course one of the most famed french singers and a brillant one. Her song was great and it deserved a far better place than it got. But at least, it was under the top ten.

Since years now, Germany struggles against the fate of being always under the worst rated. Someone should tell them that if they'd enter into the show with a bit less shitty song, their chances would be far better. Instead, they prefer to nose anti-German feelings all around Europe as the cause. Of course, yeah.

Hell, what do they expect? This years entry was as usual: meanignless without a proper rythm or melody. Weird looking sort of Art-Deco Nazi Dominas in short bavarian skirts, dancing with riding crops. Probably illustrates a male masturbation-fantasy. That's okay, but please don't expect this stuff being suitable for a larger public.

It was said that the show was the most expensive of all Eurovision-Shows so far. Well then, it is a good example on how a lot of money spent doesn't necesserly mean "good". I found it one of the dullest shows ever.

Nevertheless, some good new songs discovered. My personal favourite was Sweden.

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