mercredi, mai 27, 2009

Going's a bit tough, but I get going

Boy, today I feel really ill. I made a long trip on the bicycle yesterday with lots of upward roads and now have a big bodyache. But that's not all. I probably catched up some sort of gastro-intestinal crap whatever. I feel like throwing up within the next few minutes.

A photo taken during the yesterdays cycling tour:

I am also pissed off because yesterday, I accidentally smashed my new forsythia I planted near my housewall some weeks ago and which used to grow so well. I had to move a big stone in order to plant some other things when the stone slipped from my hands and crashed flat on the forsythia, breaking all its twigs. My neighbour said that it will grow new twigs and that it is in no way destroyed for real. Let's hope he is right. Because this is really painful for me. I loved that forsythia.

Due to my illness I cannot advance in artwork as much I hoped I could today. I am finishing a new scene of the Bêtes des Vosges Film, with JFK on the runaway horse. I take a lot of pleasure making these Scenes, especially since I can work with Anime Studio, which is a real cool programm to make animated movies. However, I do not draw the characters in it, since the programm is too limited for my taste when it comes to make figures turn in 3D space. But no doubt, the programm is great when it comes to animate decor elements, such as leaves, trees and so on. Therefore I have a mixed workflow, using several different programms until the finished result.
On this screenshot one can at least apreciate the facial expression of JFK. In the film he jumps away so fast, that one can't barely see that.

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