dimanche, mai 24, 2009


Sometimes, things end up in a different way than you expect. Fortunately it is not always for the worse.

last Sunday, My mom and I went in Xertigny, a little town not far away from my village. There was a Farmer's fair and we hoped to find some rabbits to buy.
At the first sight, the fair didn't have much to do with farming. There was a flea-market and the usual sellers of cheap, China-made toys and all those real unhealthy sweets, stuffed with chemics sold at high prices. Pretty disappointing. We finally found the farming section with some cows and horses tied down in a row, as well as goats and pigs. But no rabbits.
We decided to visit the flea market and found some little items to pick up, so we were happy anyway. Then we came by a young man who produced sort of big adhesives with a cutting machine and a computer installed in the trailer. We talked to him and it came out that he was a graphist, living in the town next to my village. I remembered having seen his buissness card sticked on the window of a gasoline station. It was pretty amazing to find another person who is into graphic design and art so near to my location. Kind of letting feel you ashamed you do know so less about your own area, after all.

Here is his website: Hacide

As you will see, the site is really well designed and has a lot of features, altough it is in no way overloaded or clumsy. One of the few web-designers I know who doesn't do those deep dark sites but just go for light-white. If you need a graphist or web-designer, get in touch with him. He also works on international level.

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