mercredi, mai 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Today is one of the most sacred days in my personal year: JFK's Birtday.

He's 92 today. Okay, he probably wouldn't have lived that long, even without the assasination.

Anyway, the old man is my muse and spirital compagnon, therefore I naturally celebrate that day.

There are some nice happenings tied to May 29. When I bought my house, I received the official ownership document from the notary a few months later. It was dated to may 29. This was without I asked for and even before I tied up with JFK.
Later, on another May 29, I discovered little lilly-like flowers that grew wild along our house wall. I never saw them before. White Lillies were one of JFK's favourite flowers.

I took care of those plants and they multiplied. This year they began to bloom also in time, for may 29:

I picked up a few and gave them to him.

For me, May 29, marks the beginning of the "midsummer days" I do love so much. These days are long and endless and the light will increase until June 21, the solstice, or Litha. There is a wonderfull lightness in this season. No longer the imature spring, not yet the heavy hot summer, just a mellow dream of immensity, blue sky and growing flowers.

JFK sure choose a good time to be born, just as symbolical as the dark moon of the death and fog when he left.
Happy birthday, Darling!

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Not related to your post, but I thought you'd enjoy this -

A Thylacine stamp! :)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Oh, indeed! Thank you very much! Added to favourites.