mardi, mai 26, 2009


Beware! This is a regular rant and may offend you! ;-)
I am talking about the use of the automobile horn, also called Klaxon. Did you ever notice that, geographically, the deeper you go south, the more the use of the Klaxon gets inflationary? Honks are scarce in Germany or Switzerland and almost everywhere in Athens or Cairo.

France is in-between. Of course, the horn is not blown as often as in those southern countries, but more common as in Germany or Switzerland.

The Klaxon is supposed to be used in a situation, when you have to warn others of your presence. In other terms: A potential dangerous situation. Such a situation is NOT when you get impatient because the driver in front of you did not realize within 0,0000002 Milliseconds that the light has turned green. It is also NOT meant to tell the car in front of you that it is too slow for your taste, although you both are already at least 200% faster than the local speed-limit.

But most of all, it is NOT meant to just tell the world that you are there.
Klaxon is noise. A fucking nasty kind of noise! If you use it without a real need, you are getting on people's nerves. So do your fellow citizens a big favour: When arriving at the house of a friend or relative, stop the car, turn off the motor, shove your slacking ass OUT of your clunker and go to the door to tell your friend / relative that you have arrived. Because nobody else wants to know. Really. You are not that important.

Just as a big flame-shaped sticker bumped on the side of your old rattletrap doesn't make a sportscar out of it, no matter how much time you spend grooming your shit on wheels, hitting the Klaxon every time you come into a new street, doesn't make you look cool. People will NOT think: "Wow!". They DO think: "Asshole!".

I am person who doesn't care for cars. I have mine to move me from a place to another. That's all. I don't mind if anyone takes a special pleasure in cars, we all have our likes. But your freedom ends where mine begins. And it begins at my right to not being annoyed by senseless noises you make just because you are into celebrating yourself. So if there is no real dangerous situation, keep the fucking Klaxon shut!

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Alright ... I'm guilty.

You see, when our old car was in the shop, we had a rental car. A little bitty rental car. A Chevy Aveo. And when you honked the horn it went "MEEP MEEP" like the cartoon Roadrunner. I would honk it because it made me laugh.

We only had that car for 7 days. I don't do this with the Jeep and I didn't do it with the Escape, but it sure made me giggle with the Aveo.


Diana Kennedy a dit…

haha, Yes, it already made me laugh when I read about the roadrunner meep-meep of your rental car in your blog. I can understand that you couldn't resist playing around wit it.