vendredi, mai 15, 2009

I wanna ride my bicycle

Yesterday I finally bought a new bicycle. Its the one on the photo. Well, it is not "new" in terms of "out of the factory": I got it from a woman in Epinal who advertised her bike online.

It has been 10 years since I last rode on a bicycle. I used to cycle a lot when I was younger and now, I quite felt I missed it, since the warm days are here again and there is so much delight to be out in the fresh air. I have only a little budget to spend, so checking the private ads was the way to go. Since the seller was located in Epinal that is about 40 kilometers from my village, I decided to visit her yesterday.

Altough I lost the paper where I wrote down the instructions on how to find her, I found the way from memory.

When I was there, I met a very sympathetic lady who said that she bought the bike at new 8 years ago but did not take much delight in cycling since.
She offered me to test it right on place. Of course, I was a bit anxious, because I haven't been on a cycle this long time. It felt strange on the very first meters, but also very great. I quickly become swifter and after only 2 minutes, I wished I never had to climb down.
I paid the lady and then put the bike into the car. Later, I stopped at a big Do-it-yourself mall and bought me a big and fine water collector for the garden. It was indeed a great shopping day!

At home I of course tried out the bicycle. While I am still not as secure with it as I should, I had a great ride. But today a real big bodyache! So it was fine, that today it rained all day long. I set up the water collector in the garden and went on rest otherwise. Tomorrow is another day.

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