lundi, mai 18, 2009

Joséphine the Chimp

I really wish I would stop having weird dreams about being involved in a bicycle accident. It's starting to get annoying. About time I can buy me a biking helmet, so maybe then, those dreams will stop. I do hope it is just psychological shit and not a premonition. I used to dream of my car accident years before it happened in reality. Well, at least I hope that I will not be flatten by a car while riding my bike before my new disability insurance takes effect.

As for my work, I progress well with both movie projects, Thyla and Bête des Vosges. At "Thyla", I am currently in the middle of the scenes where Joséphine the Chimpanzee appears. It was kind of tricky first, because I never drew much monkeys and apes in my life and pretty unused to do them. So I had do some studies first. But now I think I "got it". It is fun to animate this silly but sympathetic character.

Joséphine fooling around in her cage, right before slipping on the banana-skin

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