mardi, mai 19, 2009

Very strange dream.

Last night there was at least no bicycle-accident dream, but another, VERY odd one:

I dreamt I was with JFK in my kitchen. It was in the night and a big storm was blowing outside in the dark. I could not close the window, because something was broken. JFK climbed on a chair und tried to fix it. He finally got it done. The window gave me a mirror image of my face and suddendly this picture began to change. It showed me the face of a young male!

I touched my chin and cheeks and could feel an early beard. I was shocked. I checked out my entire body - especially the relevant parts. I don't want to be rude, but well... no doubt, I had turned into a man. I told JFK to look at me. He seemed to be shocked too. In fact, he was so shattered that it concerned me because I suddenly feared he would dislike me now. I begann to cry. After a while he came to me and said, he doesn't care and that nothing would change between us. I looked again at the mirroring window and there I saw that I was a woman again.

Pretty odd, isn't it? The kind of dream one don't have often.

I was in the garden almost the entire morning. Things grow so quickly now, it is hard to keep up with planting and cleaning. Beppi has grown also a bit, here is the pic I took of him yesterday:

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