dimanche, juin 28, 2009

Another Scene finished!

Today, I finished Scene 07 in the Bête des Vosges Film.
It was easier then I thought, even tough it involved a lot of work. This scene had to be very special and impressive, since JFK is not only falling down in the earthhole, but, in a certain manner, also into another reality. The hole is far too deep and of course, it is not realistic that he'll survive this fall without any inhury. The pit is merely a gate into the part of the story, where the fantastic elements will appear.

As I said, animating the falling Jack was not so tricky as I expected, even the multiple torsions he do while falling were not that difficult. I spent the most time doing the background elements, such as the trees and the bushes.

As for the earthhole itself, there are indeed many of them in the Vosgian forests and mountains. It is partly due to natural topography, but a lot of them are also bomb-holes from both world wars.
Some of those pits and downfalls are close to the road and can be dangerous. During the time I live in the area, many real serious accidents occured, all involving veihicles loosing control and falling down in such earthholes. Once it was even a real huge truck.

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Donna Barr a dit…

Hey, I need to ask about that gorgeous HUNT artwork you did w/the Peach. If you'd rather answer privately, I'm at donnabarr01@gmail.com If it's okay to post here, let me know.
NICE blog, by the way, and beautiful artwork.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

I talked about it in todays post!