dimanche, juin 07, 2009


Each month, we travel to my old birth-town Basel. There we do a lot of things and on the road home, make a big shopping tour in order to have the fridge and freezer filled for the rest of the month. This time, weather was so loveley, I made a few pictures while going into town.

The statue above is the "Amazon". It was always my preferred since early childhood. I was born in a time when swiss women weren't allowed to vote and this statue, showing a self-confident, independent woman with her horse was kind of a sign for me that actually, women possibly could be free.

The Basilisk, the totem animal of the town is present on a lot of fountains, as well as on the rooftop of the railway-station. This is a fountain in the Freie Strasse. There is another fountain not far from this one where I used to bath as a child on hot days.

The Freie Strasse Street on its early beginning. A few meters down, cars are no longer allowed and one can walk in peace all accross the road. Down the street is the artists's shop where I use to buy my working tools and colors.

The Rhine, from a basilean Bridge. It is bright green, almost transparent. Not the stinky, filthy stream of Shit it used to be in my childhood, when all the chemics factories could lead their waste into the rhine without any problems. Nevertheless, as I child I did love even that stink and the waste. I used to play on the riverbank and enoyed collecting bones I found all over there. I liked to think that they were dinosaur-bones, altough I knew it was just waste from the local abattoir.
A lot has changed since then and the Rhine has become much cleaner.

The Migros, the biggest swiss retail foodmarket has evolved into a very sophisticated mall. In the Migros on the Claraplatz (Clara's Plaza) they almost have everything. I was pleased when, a few years ago, The Migros introduced horsemeat to their stock. Its the green labelled packages with "Horse Line" on it. The meat is imported from Canada tough, which ecologically doesn't make a lot of sense, since Switzerland is also exporting Horsemeat. Therefore, I prefer to buy my horsemeat in the Horsemeat Buchershop in Basel, where the meat comes from horses in the near area. Horses that either were raised for meat or old working horses. The price is not higher than in the Migros and by consuming local horsemeat one can help to save the traditional breed which would disappear, if only horses for riding could be sold.

Actually, the Migros even sells Buffalo-Meat.

Looking forward for the next months trip to Basel

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Those are great photos!

I've only been to Basel two or three times and, unfortunately, don't have any photos of it. I still had a film camera at the time, so I didn't take a lot of pictures.

I love that you can get horse meat. We don't have that in the States at all. But we can get elk, moose, buffalo, etc. pretty easy. Our local outdoor store has elk pepperoni that I love!

On a side note, can you put an RSS feed for your blog so I can keep up with the posts more easily?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

I used to had the RSS feed, but I went lost during the last new design. I have to recall how the whole thing works. Hmmmmm, Elk Peperoni sounds tasty!