vendredi, juin 19, 2009


Gribi is my oldest cat from the 5 I have. He is 16 and the last surviving of the bunch we moved with to France from Germany, 11 years ago.

I saw Gribi being born. Since then he was one of my best friends. Nowadays he has a lot of age related problems. Yesterday, I was at the veterinarian with him, because he did not eat enough and is very weak all around. She made a blood analysis and said, in addition to his already known heart problems he has a weak kidney and a beginning diabetes. She gave me new medics but prepared me to the fact, that his days are counted. Well, I know that. I hope We can keep him a little while, tough. Just a few weeks or months.

At least he doesn't have physical pain yet. He still enjoys his daily little pleasures, such as watching TV on my lap and eating a little cat-cookie while doing so.

It is really hard to see such a wonderful creature and friend being weakened by age. I really wish cats would live longer.

At least, I can be on his side. Last November, when he disappeared for 4 days I thought I had to live with uncertainty forever, and this is hell.

Here is Gribi , a year ago:

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

I'm so sorry to hear about Gribi's health. I hope you still get a couple of weeks or months with him!!!