mardi, juin 30, 2009

Hard to bear

In her last comment Donna Barr mentioned a collaborative project and asked where I am with it.
Indeed, some time ago, I started a Comic featuring her characters as well as mine in a corossover Story. The Peach, His fiancee Rosen Kavallier and JFK as well as his spouse Mondlicht were invited on a lonley German Estate in Esat-Prussia for a hunting.

The hunt turn out to be rather exiting and we will see both Jack and Rosen as truly fierce hunters while the Desert Peach and Mondlicht have to deal with it.

The story takes place in a dimension somewhere, as we all know that Donnas, just as my characthers, pretty much travel to any thinkable Dimension trough their existence.

I did not found the time to finish the story all that time, but I will do so now. Since I do care very much for that real beautiful script, written by Donna.

It will probably be the last Comic I do, since I decided to no longer work in that medium, some time ago. (I prefer illustrated stories and Films)

Here is page 5 of "Hard to bear". Click on it to see it in bigger size.

Be sure to check out all of Donnas wonderful comics. She is also at webcomicnation.
Her Storefront at LULU

I am still struggling against allergy. I was out with my cycle in the meadows yesterday and even picked up flowers and wild raspberries. After a while, my eyes began to wet and hurt, but it was bearable. The afternoon, I was drawing at my place outside, but then, a new crisis forced me to go back into the house. Today, I went out very early and it was good for a few hours, until a new attack stroke me and despite of the eyedrops, I had to go inside again.

If these problems persist, the doc will have to try out another medicamentation.

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Donna Barr a dit…
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Donna Barr a dit…

Thank you for posting this. If you're going to post the entire story, I can put a link on the Desert Peach comic site:

While I'm sorry to hear you will be leaving the comics medium, I can certainly understand. Comics are incredibly labor-intensive, and it takes years to say in drawn books what can be said in a few days or weeks in prose. I'm at something of a crossroads myself, trying to decide if I really do want to continue in this medium; in the meantime, I've got so many years of work I have to re-market that who knows when I'll actually get back to writing?

Please keep me posted about your new projects so I can forward them to everybody I know who loves your work - or needs to!