vendredi, juin 26, 2009

Hay Cold

Okay, this may be a punishment for me.

I never had anything like hay cold, running nose or any other allergy for that matter. I know it is not nice, but I used to think that people with that problems are just uncool folks who annoy others with their constant whining about "pollens" or "oh no, cat hair" and so on. Rhinitis was one of those typical diseases that happen always to others but of course, never to me.

Well, this way of thinking is no longer valid. I apologise to all people I ever offended with my attitude that they were merely sissies.

Since a few weeks, I noted that when I was out cycling trough the meadows and woods, my nose was always a bit running, not bad, but it was there. I hardly gave any attention to that. Now yesterday, it suddenly become worse and in addition to that, my eyes swell up, got inflamed and hurt like hell. Nose was running in a way I couldn't be without a hanky farther away than 10 centimeters.
Today morning it was better, so I went out cycling. As soon as I was out in the meadows, the illness came back. So hard that I had to stop and turn back. On foot. Because I couldn't barely see.

I then went to the doctor and he said, well it's pollen allergy, real heavy one. My eyes were red as an albino rabbit's. He gave me a load of medics, saying that I will have to take these all summer long from now on. It may help up to 60% or if I am lucky, up to 80%.

Hell, thanks! I love so much to go out into the fields and now it makes me suffer? really fucking suffer!! Crap, that is one of these dark bad days, I assure you.
But I will not give up. I will try out every therapy to be able to go out into nature without being tortured. I could deal with the running nose, but I can't stand the hurting, wetting eyes.

The doc said that I have to wait a few days before I can try to go out in the fields again. The therapy has to take effect. I do hope so much that the medics will work. Actually, it is as bad that I can't even work outside at the table, without getting knocked out by allergy.

Since I don't have a new camera yet, I tried to take a photo of my working place outside the house with my celll phone. Looks a bit blurry...The blue thing behind the magnolia tree is my immense swimming-pool ;-)

2 commentaires:

Donna Barr a dit…

As we get older, bits and pieces of our bodies start failing us. This meat car we're in will only run so far, and it takes less and less to make it hurt. Hope you get back to the woods soon!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Yes you are right. I guess that with with age progressing, one can't expect to stay as resistant to illnesses as one used to be.